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Friday, 11 May 2018 12:06



WE need to be vigilant always, in good times and in bad times, and most especially in ordinary times which we still would not know whether it is good or bad. We should never let our guard down.

This is simply because we have enemies to contend with all the time. First of all, it is our own selves, our own weakened flesh that will always lure us to do things against God’s will and against what is truly good for us.

Then we have the world with all its sinful attractions and temptations. And, of course, the devil himself. Never discount him.

He’s always around, prowling like a lion looking for someone to devour. (cfr 1 Pt 5,8)

In what may seem to be good times, when things are more or less ok, let us thank God and do our best to make use of all the blessings and good opportunities made available for us.

But let’s not forget that the good things can also occasion dangers for us if we are not careful. We should know where those dangers lie in the good things that we may enjoy at the moment.

In that way, we avoid falling into complacency that will practically spoil us, and take away the goodness of the blessings we are enjoying.

And in what may seem to be bad times, let us never forget to look for the one good thing in those situations. There will always be one or two or even more good things on these occasions and turn them into the vehicles for redemption.

This can happen if we turn to God in the first place. He will always forgive us and know what to