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Wednesday, 23 May 2018 12:05


BY Betty Elago

Before I start, I would like to greet Julia Teresita ‘Titang’ Jaldon  belated birthday greetings! Her children celebrated her 80th birthday yesterday at Patio Palmeras! Wish you good health and happiness and God’s blessing!

As we all know, not everyone takes marriage seriously. We hear of couples separating every now and then because they fall out of love even after living together! When we first got married, we swore in front of the church altar that ‘through richer and poorer, through sickness and in health, till death do us part!” Sad because not all couples keep this promise! Maybe, you may think I am not qualified to write about marriage because I am not a marriage counsellor, but then, being married to my husband for fifty years and twenty six days, I think I can advise couples on how to prolong their married life!

Of course, when we first get married, we are so young, not knowing how to run a household, wash clothes, and cook. You know folks, I passed all these. We were living with my late mother- in- law in the large old house the first years of our married life, and that time, her helpers left for a vacation, so I was forced to cook in a firewood stove. A blessing because I knew how to saute. I learned to wash, but I cried when I first washed the large pants of my husband and the diapers of our first born, because in the late sixties, there were no pampers for sale in the grocery stores. Those were the first experiences I underwent when I got married at the age of 21 plus, but then life became easier when we were able to have our own helpers. I also learned how to bake and cook. My late hubby loved to eat callos, so I learned to cook it. I realizes I lived more years with my husband than with my parents.

Now folks, as an advice to young house wives, make your home  comfortable and clean, so that when your husbands go home tired from his work or business, he will feel free and relaxed. Also remember that to keep your husband happy, learn how to cook the food he likes best, because the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! When you know he’s coming home, prepare yourself by being pleasing to look at and smelling good. Yes, this is important, grooming yourself, not looking like a house help. Your husband will also appreciate when you take good care of your children. There’s something I would like to tell you. I never left my children to the care of my housemaids. When they were babies, they slept with us in our bedroom until they reached 4 years old. You know why, I am a jealous mother! I don’t want my children to love their nursemaid more than me. Yes it was so tedious, but I love it.

This is one thing I would like to tell young husbands. You are the head of the family. Compared to the captain of the ship, where the passengers of his ship trust him where he anchors the ship. Now, being a husband, you should know how to run your family, if you want your marriage to succeed, because wives just follow what and where their husbands lead them! Sad, because no matter how wives and husbands do their best, some husbands and wives still fall astray.  This is the irony of it. The only thing I can say is that couples should be strong to weather the storm in married life and make God as the center of your lives!