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Thursday, 24 May 2018 13:50



My late father used to remind me to take good care of my health; to make it my foremost obligation over and above working very hard to earn for my family’s daily subsistence and comfort. He would always say, “When you lose your wealth, you lose nothing. But if you lose your health, you lose everything.”

As we grow older, maintaining a healthy body and mind has become our primordial concern. We wanted to live longer because we want to guide, advise, and watch our children and grandchildren face and surmount their problems and the harsh realities of life.

But nowadays, maintaining a healthy body has become very costly, sometimes beyond the reach of an ordinary employee. Regular visit to one’s doctor for consultation, coupled with the regular monthly or quarterly executive check-ups have become very costly. Not yet counted here are the maintenance medicines recommended by the doctor. One has to go to this kind of procedures if one intends to closely watch and keep track of one’s health.

I’m experiencing this expensive practice when I started going to St. Luke Hospital in Manila for my routine quarterly executive check-ups. Aside from the round trip plane fares for my wife and me, the cost of these check-ups are really expensive. It’s good that my son, who is working there, takes care of my hospital bills. It may be expensive but one gets the best doctor, examined by the latest medical equipment, and accurate results.

But what if one doesn’t have the means to undertake this kind of check-up?

Last Friday afternoon, while drinking coffee at Kape Zambo in Canelar Street together with a very close friend who was consulting me about labor problems in his company, I was informed by the waitress that there is now a health clinic at the second floor of the restaurant. Accordingly, the cost of having a medical check-up is very minimal but the results reflected in the computerized gadget are thorough and comprehensive. The results in the computer, after the check-up, would indicate the status of one’s vital organs like the heart, lungs, liver, eyes, pancreas, muscles, blood, gall bladder, and many more. The computer will likewise tell you what to do based on the results of the check-up.

The attending nurse will likewise recommend, based on the results, the proper medicines one should take to cure the defective organs.

Curious, I went up and had a check-up. The result was the same as the results of the check-up I had at St. Luke. The check-up and the results were simply amazing and I’m of the belief that this type of extensive examination is very much within the budget of an ordinary employee. No need to go to hospitals and doctors for limited and costly check-ups. Definitely, the doctors will not believe nor recommend this kind of check-up as this will make them irrelevant.

It was for me a serendipitous afternoon and I’m suggesting those who can’t afford costly medical check-ups to visit and see this place. As they say, the taste of the cake is in the eating.

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