Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 May 2018 13:51

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

A Manila newspaper reported that a number of congressional representatives want to subpoena DILG USEC Martin Diño for announcing via the media that about 100 congress people engaged in electioneering in the barangay election that took place on May 14. Although Diño apologized over a radio station, the solons are out to get Diño’s pound of flesh, if they can.

In connection with the same election, the government came out with a list of barangay officials who were reportedly involved in the illegal drug trade and the list was made public supposedly so that the voters would not cast their votes in favor of anyone who was named in the list.

The claim of Diño about the so-called charge against the 100 congressional reps was not supported by evidence. This was what riled the reps because all of them were now subject to suspicion.

The barangay narco list was claimed to be based on evidence gathered by the police and the PDEA but these evidence must not have been submitted to the DoJ because those in the list  were not charged officially, not then anyway.

The congressional reps who want Diño pilloried in a Congressional hearing must feel that it is basically unfair to make serious charges that are not based on evidence. The reps are defending themselves against unsubstantiated charges.

Did these same reps shout “Foul” when the names of several barangay officials were  put on the narco list even without a shred of evidence against them? Now why was that?

We make a lot of noise claiming that in our democratic government the rule of law is paramount. And that means we honor the rule of probable cause. We honor the principle that demands there be evidence to support a claim that a citizen has committed a crime.

If the rule of law is so important for the congressional reps then they should howl as loudly and as angrily when this rule of law is set aside in the case of others. Then we realize and are convinced that this rule of law is a genuine value in the world view of these representatives of the people. Otherwise it will be seen only as a convenient prop when their interests are threatened.

One Netflix series that I regularly watch is Blue Bloods. It is just a well-told story, for sure, but each episode that I watch stimulates me to think of how we can think about the moral choice we can make when personal interest comes up against the common good.

As it has been said “What is sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose”.