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Friday, 25 May 2018 13:26


BY Betty Elago

What I know of Padre Pio, I learned from Nenie Abendan, Dr. Rose Jamco and Dr. Mila Fernandez who advised me to read Padre Pio’s biography to know more about him and the attributes which made him a saint.  I don’t have twenty-twenty vision so I will just relate to you what I learned yesterday.

Through the invitation of Maribel Lim to attend the novena and mass at her chapel in Veterans Avenue, I attended it with my constant companion, Maricor D. Arat, a nurse by profession who settled back in our beloved Zamboanga after working in Saudi Arabia and who I feel safe with.  I think it was God who prompted me to attend the novena and mass yesterday.  This is scheduled every 23rd of the month for devotees of Padre Pio.  Actually members who come from known families have become devotees of Padre Pio, who in one way or another, helped them with problems and cured the sickness they have suffered.  Yesterday while waiting for the mass to start, we had a chance to hear a testimony from a lady who was suffering from cancer and believes that through her devotion to Padre Pio, she got cured of her disease.  Padre Pio was declared a saint because of stigmata, where his hands bled, like Jesus sufferings on the cross.  This amazed me!

Mass was officiated by Father Moises Cuervas, who now heads the Immaculate Conception Church in our city.  In his gospel, I learned three things- security, redemption and the works.  In brief, we don’t know what’s going to happen to us the next day or in the future.  We will only feel secure when we turn to God! The second one is redemption.  We need God to redeem us from our sins.  The third one is the works, like evangelization and doing good to our fellowmen.  I only hope i heard right what Father Moises preached during his gospel.   I  also had the experience to touch the hands of Padre Pio and asked him to heal me, in Jesus name!