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Monday, 28 May 2018 12:09



Have you ever thought about the things you have taught

your youngsters and how you did it while they were growing up?

Many parents threaten their children with a punishment

when they do not do the right thing. The message they send

is that learning behaviors is awful. But learning good

manners can be amusing, fun  and a positive experience.

Teaching our children politeness can be done by

being role models. Say, “Please pass me the soup.” or

“Thank you for giving me your seat.” or “May I go out for a while?”


Tell your children all the benefits they will gain from having

good social graces. When your child points out scenarios

where someone exhibited discourtesy or rudeness,

ask him what will he do if it was done to him.

Allow your children to express their ideas but immediately

redirect them if you see it is not right or proper. Always

lookout for learning opportunities, teach them responsibility

and accountability; honesty and dignity.


Table etiquettes, spending wisely or just simply being kind, are behaviors

your children need to learn  to live harmoniously with others.

Teaching them to be generous to the poor or caring with compassion to the sick or elders will surely make

people like them for their concern and affection.

Always use good and tender words and teach them to

Be kindhearted, sympathetic and loving.


“Good morning” and “Thank you” are just simple words

to say but the message they send entails a lifetime of praise.

But above all, teach them to be spiritually strong and

to follow good teachings, whoever or wherever they are,

for goodness will lead them to happiness and success.

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