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Monday, 28 May 2018 12:10


BY Betty Elago

Since I’ve written about marriage, I guess it’s just but natural to write about courtship! Before getting married, a man will have to show their love to their enamoured ladylove, and they will pass the stage of courtship. As we know, since we all passed this stage, a man will always show his best foot forward to impress his ladylove! He would visit often, sweet talk her, give her gifts and bouquet of flowers, and when they go out and ride on his car, he shows he is a gentlemen by opening the car door, and any doors for that matter. And of course, ladies too show their best by being sweet and gentle!

What I wrote in the above paragraph is I think of the past. Perhaps it still happens nowadays, but modern day courtship is quite different nowadays, because we hear of couples who live in together first, learn to know each other better, their likes and dislikes, they quarrel and makeup, and when they find out they’re compatible to each other, they marry no matter how many years it takes them to adjust, and sometimes they have children already. However, it is a disadvantage here because they might fall out of love! A man can always stand up again, but a woman will find it difficult! She takes a big risk when she agrees to live in first, unless her boyfriend is a one girl man! Even in marriage women take a big   risk when they marry the man they love. You see men are natural flirts, ups, some men might disagree, reehee, my late husband was also a flirt, sorry honey bunch for mentioning this, and you can’t defend yourself now, but I’ve already forgiven you!

A man and a woman when joined together have two different entities, and take a big risk when they marry! As an advice to those who are still in a courtship stage, it’s an advantage to have a longer engagement!

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