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Monday, 28 May 2018 12:11



It’s always been said that behind the success and downfall of a man is a woman. Created by God to accompany and serve a man, a woman inspires, encourages, assists, and serves as the “sparkplug” for a man to strive to higher levels to accomplish and fulfill his cherish dreams and ambitions in life. A woman would at times sacrifice, suffer, and help carry the heavy loads and hardships of her man, removing the obstacles in the pursuit of their goals.

On the other hand, a woman would also break and destroy a man in his drive for higher achievements, accomplishments, fame, honor, and give their family a bad name and reputation that causes their eventual downfall, shame and disgrace. This is because of vanity—the change of the woman’s lifestyle, tastes, and extreme egotism. History is replete of so many stories of rich men and popular politicians who fell out of grace from the people they have served and have become disfavored, destitute and pitiable.

The Marcoses’ downfall which was primarily caused by a woman—Imelda—whose massive display of vanity and drive for power when her husband was already seriously ill and had a kidney transplant were colossal and beyond measure. Imelda’s love for travel and lavish shopping trips, her penchant for collecting expensive jewelries, clothing, and thousands of shoes are just some of her ostentatious display of vanity. She was mainly the cause of her husband’s downfall.

Very recently, the leader of Malaysia’s UMNO, lost in the election all because of her wife’s vanity. Najib  Razak allegedly became extremely corrupt when he was found out that he and his cronies looted the state multi-billion fund, 1MDB, which was the main cause of his  and his party’s defeat.

But behind this political upset, Mujib’s wife’s vanity, was the main cause of his shocking political downfall. His wife’s luxury-loving and excessive display of ostentatious vanity have created and increased public scorn for Rosmah Mansor, reviled for her perceived haughty demeanor and reported vast collections of designer bags, clothing, and jewelries. Her penchant for overseas shopping trips in France was despicable as middle-class Malaysians struggled with the rising cost of living and low standard pay for the lowly workers.

Malaysian Police, initially searched and seized almost $30 million in raids on her luxury apartments and condominiums. Also found in two condominiums and 12 locations of the ex-leader’s home in Kuala Lumpur were money and vast trove of handbags, as well as watches and jewelries. Money was found in 35 bags at one apartment while another 37 bags at the same location contained watches and jewelries. Moreover, a total of 284 boxes containing designer handbags were found in the condominium. Another 150 handbags were also recovered in another Apartment located in the same complex where Najib’s daughter was staying. Malaysian authorities say that more of these illegally acquired goods and items will soon be discovered as their search continues. If our Imelda Marcos then was obsessed in collecting thousand of expensive jewelries, clothing and shoes, it is apparent that Mujib’s wife—Rosmah Mansor—is an avid collector of luxurious and expensive Hermes Birkins handbags, aside from collecting expensive clothing and jewelries. Accordingly pictures of the bags were taken and would be sent to Hermes in France to get their total value.

Nothing bad about these if all of these were bought and acquired legally and above-board—borne out of the sweat and tears—of her husband’s legal earnings as ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia. But the monies used to buy these items were highly questionable and were apparently looted from the sovereign fund of Malaysia’s 1MDB.

This was the major cause of Najib’s swift and hard fall from politics—unsatiable vanity—of his wife. Now his facing charges of corruption and might be jailed for committing this.

Over here in Zamboanga City, we are placed in a different situation. We have a leader who has not accomplished any project worth a legacy to the future of the city. Her projects up to now remained unfinished as she prepares to run for a third term as City Mayor. Now this is not vanity for she only loves dancing the Zumba but this is plainly called incompetence.

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