The Gift of Life PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 31 May 2018 13:43


BY Betty Elago

Good morning folks, I hope you all woke up at the right side of your beds. We all thank Lord Jesus for giving us life! By the way, when we mention the word Lord, here’s food for our thoughts which makes sense. When we say Lord, always include mentioning Lord Jesus, or Lord God, because there are other Lords on earth like Lord of the jungle or the Amazon. The worst part is the Lord of all Evil which is Satan, the worst enemy of our Lord God, who is Lucifer, the Angel in heaven who tried overthrowing Lord God, and now known as the devil himself who is now known as the tempter of mankind.

There’s a saying that life is short, so we have to live up and make the best of it, make use of our lives and enjoy every minute and hours of it, for we don’t know what would happen to us the next day, so enjoy life as it comes. They say life is like the water in the river that goes on and on. We touch it only once, but we can never touch it again, as the water won’t come back as it flows on and on. That’s how life is being compared. We can never turn back to our past life. Yes, we can only recall and remember. I can speak for myself; I know that God has given me my second life, ‘coz when I had my open heart surgery, the Cardiologist who did the surgery told my children I had a fifty- fifty chance to live. My family, friends and relatives, and people we didn’t know prayed for the success of the operation, and indeed God heard their prayers. But I am sad because three months after my surgery, God took my husband. It pained me so much. For seventeen years, I took care of him, as he suffered a hypertensive stroke, I was contented to have him that long, but then, God saw him suffer, and decided to let him rest. ‘Am still thankful God, the Lord of all Lords, you have given me a second life to live, and I hope I will live up to your expectations.