Everything here on earth isn’t permanent PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 02 June 2018 11:57

Do you agree with me when I say everything that we enjoy here on our planet earth isn’t permanent? I know you’ll be thinking I am negative, but folks, sometimes there’s truth to it because our mere existence here isn’t permanent. You may agree or disagree.

You may be rich now, high living, with a successful business or a high position in government but suddenly, due to some problems, maybe poor management of your business or some people have cheated you, or if you got your wealth through bad means like smuggling or in dealing with drugs and when you are caught, suddenly you fall down. Sometimes they say when you think high, proud and greedy, and no heart for the poor, God has a way to punish you!.  What more, if you got your riches through illegal means, you may be in government or as a private individual, God has his own way of taking back what you have. Our Lord God isn’t selfish because he blesses us with material things all the time, but he also wants us to share our blessings with others.

All things on earth aren’t permanent, they are all temporary. Jewels clothes, houses, cars, money, lands, and all material things we own; when we die we all leave them behind. Sometimes, people say, when we are materialistic, it will be harder for us to enter the gates of heaven! So we make a choice: Heaven with God, or continue to become materialistic because greed is eating you up, and you go to hell. I heard Pope Francis on television at one time, he said there is no purgatory. When we die it’s either heaven or hell for us. He said no amount of prayers can save us. So while we are still alive we should live a proper good life!

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