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Wednesday, 06 June 2018 13:59




LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… Humility is the fear of the Lord; its wages are riches and honor and life…” (Proverbs 22:4, the Holy Bible).


DUTERTE’S KOREA KISS: NO MALICE AT ALL: In order for all of us to acquire a more realistic perspective about the kiss that President Duterte gave to a Filipina who is married to, and has a child by, a Korean, we should endeavor to watch the complete video of the incident which is even now making the rounds of social networking sites.

I have watched the video, from the scene where the Filipina, accompanied by another woman, approached the President at the rostrum, then received with glee the kiss of Duterte after overcoming her shock, and then embraced him while patting his back, at the same time that the President was also embracing her and patting her back in return. I also watched the scene after that, where the President himself directed the woman to go down the stage. The truth is that, the kiss lasted for only about a second and half or so, clearly negating any malice in that act.

From how the video appeared to me, the President obviously was simply trying to tease our countrymen who have been working in South Korea. The style and the manner by which the President behaved in the video portrayed a politician who merely wanted to provide merriment to Filipinos who he knew are alrady afflicted with fatigue or homesickness on account of their being overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in South Korea. I repeat, there was absolutely no malice in that kiss!


THOSE ATTRIBUTING MALICE IN DIGONG’S KOREA KISS ARE DERANGED: The only problem at this point is that the President’s critics and political foes have been showing only the part where his lips were in a smacking position with the woman’s own lips, evidently to give the impression that the kiss was lascivious because it lasted for quite some time. Indeed, the intention of the critics and the political opponents of the President is to discredit and shame him once again, by making him appear as abusive and disrespectful, particularly against women.

But the truth cannot be hidden. These efforts to bring Duterte down produced no effect at all. The reason is that, unlike before where information can be easily twisted by one’s critics, the people now have a way of immediately unmasking the truth and exposing the lies or “fake news”, as in the case of the video showing the kissing scene in question. Because it has become very easy to know what really happened with the latest technologies, many have immediately come to the conclusion that the kiss was without any hint of malice or any sexual undertones as it was simply a very fleeting kiss.

Truly, only the mentally-deranged or the brain-damaged guys would ever find the courage to accuse the President of rudeness or of being a “sex maniac” on account of that kissing scene. What truly confounds me here is the apparent inability of the purveyors of these accusations bordering on “fake news” to see that it is not Duterte who is going to be hurt by all these, but their allies ultimately would be at the receiving end of these false accusations against the Chief Executive.


UNSOLICITED ADVICE FOR GEN. ELEAZAR: I have a word of caution for Chief Supt. Guillero Eleazar, the newly-minted chief of the Philippine National Police National Capital Region, in connection with reports saying he would push for more random drug testing of policemen in the Greater Manila Area to catch those in uniform who continue being drug addicts up to now.

Gen. Eleazar, Sir, random drug tests cannot change your policemen. First, random drug tests cannot be made on all elements of the police force of the country. There would be policemen who are still hooked into drugs, like the woman-member of the PNP Special Action Force in Taguit City who was caught in a pot session in her own house, who would somehow escape detection.

What you, Chief Supt. Eleazar, should aspire for is for policemen to be guided back to relevant spirituality through meaningful activities that would assure their coming in contact more often with the Word of God, the Bible, knowing and obeying God’s commands. If this is what you will be accomplishing in your short term, Mr. Eleazar, true change would come to our policemen, and if that happens, it could even catapult you to the country’s presidency.


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