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Sunday, 17 June 2018 16:16



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…Idle hands bring poverty…” (Proverbs 10:4, the Holy Bible).


DIGONG’S TRUE INTENTION VS. “ISTAMBAYS”: It amazes me no end that some people still dare to oppose President Duterte’s directive banning street loiterers from roads and thoroughfares, and ordering their arrest if they persist in idly whiling away their time on the streets. As I see it, these critics of Duterte can rightfully be accused of being the ones who actually foment poverty and criminality in the country today by their senseless tirades against him.

It cannot be denied that the President’s intention is clear in his order against street loiterers (or, istambay, in the Filipino language, which is actually a loose translation of the English phrase “standing by”, or having nothing to do). Especially against those who simply hang out on sidewalks, or even engage therein in drinking sessions and other rowdy group activities, in semi-naked attires yet, the presidential order hits the nail right on the head.

In truth, the President only wanted “hangers-on” to stop loitering around, doing nothing. Instead, he wants them to devote their time to more productive endeavors, like pursuing even small-scale businesses from which they can derive modest earnings, or perhaps assist in household chores, or in the various activities of their barangay council, or of their churches, and of other groups whose primary objective is to give their members better lives or opportunities to help others.


FILIPINOS NOW COMFORTABLE BEING MENDICANTS OR ALM-SEEKERS: Unfortunately for many Filipinos, they have been used to being loiterers all their lives, not having any gainful work or employment, yet having someone (usually their more diligent—read that, “martyred”—close relatives) feeding them or supplying them with food, and even giving them comfortable sleeping quarters, even if these are in shanties along the banks of dirty and filthy waterways (esteros) or stagnant and mosquito-filled rivers.

But what is more revolting is that, loiterers also receive, without sweat and without any extra-effort at all, cash dole-outs from the government on a regular (monthly) basis. Mind you, this money actually comes from the income taxes that Filipino minimum-wage earners and street businessmen were forced to pay every payday to the Bureau of Internal Revenue. In truth, I  consider these cash-dole outs as large-scale theft of money—from the income tax payers to the loiterers.

The truly sad part here is that the government is a party to this theft. Why do I say this? Because the government is the one giving the dole-outs, and, lately, even consented to the stealing by loiterers of vacant houses and lots which the government has already allotted and sold to police and military personnel. The take-over of the housing units by the group’s jobless members was justified by them by their poverty, but since when has stealing been justified by being poor?


EVEN GOD DETESTS LOITERERS OR “IDLE HANDS”: The Bible manifests God’s contempt and even disdain for loiterers and those who do not work for a leaving. There are 15 verses I know, from the Old Testament and the New Testament, about this. The first says we should not feed those who do not want to work. Second, those who do not devote their time to productive endeavors must be left to die by themselves.

The third verse says those who refuse to work are “brothers to the master of destruction” (which is the evil one). The fourth says “idle hands bring poverty.” The fifth: prosperity comes from hard work, but lack of work leads to great scarcity. The sixth: the one who works his field will have plenty of food. Seventh verse: the loiterers learn to steal, which they must stop doing.

Eight verse: whatever one finds to do with his hand must do it with all his might. Ninth verse: those who work with their own hands will be allowed to enjoy decent lives. Tenth verse: Idle hands make their owners destructive and disruptive. Eleventh: anyone who does not work is unable to provide for his family, and this makes him worse than an unbeliever. Twelfth: every man must be like the ant, preparing their food in summer, gathering their food during harvest.


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