1st-APLUMA!: AP-Noy set for two more foreign trips PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 08 September 2011 14:24

By Ismael Amigo

Never mind if his most recent jaunt to China cost Juan dela Cruz hundreds of millions of pesos, never mind whether the $13 billion of actual and possible investment packages and never mind too of the hangers on that bloated the expenses of his entourage.

Important thing is, the President is working, selling the country to potential investors, which, if plans would materialize, translate into millions of jobs too.
And taking the cue from that trip to China, the President, according to the Malacanang communications group, is “embarking on two foreign travels in the coming weeks.

This is “aimed at promoting the country for possible new investments that will enhance the government’s efforts to effect change and development for the country and the Filipino people,” P-Noy’s CommGroup said.

The President confirmed this as early as Monday, or barely a day separated from his arrival from China on Saturday.
Now, he’ll visit the US of A of President Barrack Obama and Japan.

The President confirmed this in an interview right after the oathtaking ceremonies of newly-appointed government officials, generals and flag officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines at the Rizal Ceremonial Hall of the Malacanang Palace.

With his scheduled trips to the United States and Japan, the President intends to bring home another batch of “good news” concerning the country’s economic progress the CommGroup said.

Accordingly, first on the list of his itinerary is the trip to Washington and New York upon the invitation of US President Barrack Obama for the partnership in open governance.

“There are two, America and Japan. America will be first… it’s Washington and New York. We are going… on President Obama’s invitation for the partnership for open governance. I think, I will be talking also before the World Bank there,” the President was quoted as saying.

President Aquino said the US event also involves 12 other participating countries from various parts of the world and two from Asia –Indonesia and the Philippines.
His Japan trip is an official one the President without further elaborating but we can freely presume he’ll be meeting Japan’s brand new Prime Minister.
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