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Thursday, 21 June 2018 11:35



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him, ‘Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?’…” (Acts 9:3-4, the Holy Bible).


IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD FOR SERENO: “Bitter” and “painful” maybe the two words that could appropriately describe the Supreme Court’s final order in her case, but former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Aranal Sereno has no other option at this point but to accept her fate, and move on to pursue her new life as an ordinary lawyer.

This is, of course, conditioned upon the consent of her former colleagues in the High Court for her to remain even as an ordinary lawyer. As of now, Sereno is still facing a disbarment case (or a case that may result in her ouster even as a lawyer), on account of her fiery accusations which, her former colleagues claimed, constituted an attack against the Court’s integrity as an institution of justice.

As I see it, the case for her disbarment is terribly compelling and it may yet cause her to lose her license as a lawyer. Even now, many believe the Supreme Court is not going to be easy on her on this. If that eventuality happens, it would not be the end of the world for Sereno. I believe that God has other directions for her, and these do not lie in government. God seems to want to use her as a worker or a preacher of His Word, which, in reality, is the noblest calling of all.


LAWYER FROM OLDEN TIMES AFFLICTED FIRST BEFORE BECOMING A GREAT WORKER OF GOD: History is undeniably replete with countless examples of great workers or preachers of God that first underwent suffering and persecution, and much difficulties and hardship before being sent by God. I am convinced that the prime example of this was the fiery and rather tumultuous conversion of a lawyer from olden times.

Talented and possessing a great legal mind, the lawyer whose name was Saul personally and by his own choice led the persecution, infliction of suffering, and even in the killing of those who believed and placed their faith in Jesus as their God and Savior during those times. One particularly remarkable story that remains vivid in my mind about Saul pertains to his having presided over the killing, by brutal and merciless stoning, of a believer named Stephen.

When the appointed time came, however, Jesus gave Saul a terrible twist of fate. While he was travelling towards places where there were believers of Jesus, a great light blinded him, causing him to become a literal paralytic, unable to move on his own, or do anything else for himself. He even had to be guided from the place where his eyesight was taken to another town.


LIFE’S SUFFERINGS A WAY BY GOD TO SEND THOSE HE HAS CHOSEN: That tragedy which virtually made Saul a crippled man could nothing be but unfortunate. The fact was that, he was at his prime and great stature as a lawyer, enjoying the good life complete with wealth and the amenities of someone who was high-up in their society then. He was therefore literally “killed” when his eyesight was taken away from him because that left him inutile and useless.

But it didn’t take long before God showed Saul that the blindness with which he was afflicted was just His way of leading him to a new direction in his life—to become a worker and a preacher who will proclaim and defend Jesus as God and Savior.

If we consider the fact that about one-third of the Bible was written by Saul, whose name was transformed later by Jesus into Paul, the tragedy of his lost eyesight proved to be a blessing, rather than a curse, with a divine and noble purpose to boot.


SERENO MUST HUMBLE HERSELF BEFORE JESUS: If I were Sereno, therefore, I would humble myself before Jesus and prostrate myself in prayer, asking for the forgiveness of my excesses and sins, and beg Him to show me what direction I should be taking at this point. As my own sad and bitter experience as a lawyer in 2009 would show, it is certain that things happen in the life of an individual not by accident, but by God’s design, for His glory!