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Friday, 22 June 2018 13:59


By Rod Balbon

Only fools don’t change their minds. Congressman Erbie Fabian is no fool. All along he has been saying that he’s through with politics and wants to live a peaceful life—a life with no problems and troubles, especially those important and immediate concerns affecting his district and the constituents. But after deep and serious considerations and after serving three terms as Congressman representing the 2nd District of Zamboanga City, Erbie could not remain passive and blind to the needs of his constituents and district. Service above self and knowing very well that community service is the best work in life, Erbie has now finally decided to throw his hat once again to vie once  again to be the Representative of his once political district—the 2nd District of his beloved Zamboanga City.

Such decision has been hailed by many, who have been clamoring for real, meaningful, and outstanding community services that were deprived them for several years after his end of Erbie’s last 3rd term.

Erbie has accordingly seen them all and knows fully well that his constituents deserve better. During his three terms as the 2nd District Representative, Erbie has initiated and implemented continuous projects that uplifted and improved the living the conditions of his constituents, especially the farmers and poor families. He was the first to initiate the building of many covered courts in every barangay to serve as the venue for barangay school programs, meetings and activities, and barangay sports competitions. They also serve as sites for his medical and dentals missions. In relation to these, Erbie gave and distributed medicines to poor families and fully stacked them in the barangays’ health centers for ready use by others who need them. He also gave barangays garbage trucks and ambulances. Erbie also distributed fertilizers and seeds to farmers and gave public high schools computers and built school buildings. Aside from building farm-to-market roads, he also initiated the rip-rapping of rivers and implemented irrigation programs to improve and lessen the burden of farmers in providing sufficient water supply to irrigate their planted rice and other agricultural crops.

Seeing that the Zamboangueños has the penchant and good qualities in the sport of boxing, Erbie initiated the “Golpe-Golpe na Barangay” amateur boxing program that has produced a national champ in the person of Eumir Marcial and Yoyoy Tañamor. This has raised the interest of many young boxers who later became interscholastic champions. Corollary to this, Erbie applied and became a professional promoter just to be able to promote and revive professional boxing which was already dead in this city. Professional boxing bouts were held,   featuring local and foreign boxers to show their stuffs to local residents. All of these bouts were free of admission and held at the air-conditioned Mayor Agan Coliseum that has produced national featherweight champs in the persons of Eric Canoy and Marvin Mabait. The latter is now with the former coach of Manny Pacquiao, Freddie Roach, at the Wild Card boxing gym, Los Angeles, California. To keep the young teenagers healthy and preoccupied with worthy summer activities that will keep them away from the vices of smoking, drinking and shabu, Erbie has likewise initiated the annual “Learn a Sports” program that elicited thousands of youngsters to learn and participate in the 18 sport disciplines. He has also revived biking and held the annual summer bike competition called “Tour de Fabian” involving local and invited cyclists from other cities and municipalities.

Many are pining for the conduct and implementation of these projects that were continuously implemented and conducted which they missed after the termination of Erbie’s third term that barred him from running for another term as Representative of the 2nd District of Zamboanga City.

But as they always say, a person with good and dedicated intentions deserve another chance as what many persons and groups are requesting Erbie to reconsider his decision to leave politics permanently and run again in this coming election. With all these Erbie Fabian undoubtedly deserves another shot to run and be elected as Representative of our city’s 2nd District. He may not have the financial resources like his other opponents such as incumbent Mannix Dalipe, Lilia Nuno, and Cesar Iturralde have, but I am very sure that with his outstanding performance, the people will carry him to another political victory.