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Monday, 25 June 2018 14:17



The mid-term election will be held less than a year from now, and the members of the Yellow Army, I mean the leading political Oppositionists, are trying to do everything and anything to destroy President Duterte and his administration. Stuffs like fake news and unsubstantiated statements, spewed by Trillanes, Hontiveros, Alejano, and those questionable media outfits are their usual fares just to be in the news and keep their names ringing in the public minds, thinking that by so doing, the electorate will easily recall them in this coming election. Well, these are the kind of stuffs played in the game of politics. But the observant and thinking public knows the real score on how President Duterte continuously and consistently employed ways and means to eliminate graft and corruption, drugs, and criminalities.

To further minimize crimes, he ordered the police to arrest the unproductive and lazy “tambays” or loiterers, who are still allowed by local ordinances and national laws, drinking liquors in side streets and outside of their homes, half-naked, cat calling sexy women, beating people, violating curfew for minors, and the latest in our city, smoking in public places and public transportations.

But more than these, the “tambays” are further committing criminal acts like shaking down innocent people, theft, robbery, extortion, using and dealing illegal drugs, selling guns and bullets, rape and homicide, to name a few. And these are committed by these jobless, able-bodied smart guys who meet and congregate in the dark nooks and corners of the streets, always on alert and ready to accost and victimize innocent civilians. I too, have experienced going with “tambays” during my high school days in Camino Nuevo. The “Bakawan Gangs” was very famous during the early 70’s after they fought and neutralized the “7 Brothers” gang when they killed the notorious Daluddo and his brother Albain in their territory at Boholano Drive, Camino Nuevo. They threatened, shake off and harmed passersby and innocent civilians when they passed their circuitous wooden passageway in going home. At that time, to be with this “Bakawan Gang” members was sort of a test of manhood but other than this I got nothing good out of this affiliation.

But “tambays”, loitering or vagrancy has now been decriminalized and being so is not a crime when the law on this was repealed during the term of Pnoy, thus they continue to exist up to now and remain to be the scourge of the community. I’m therefore bewildered that LP President Senator Francis Pangilinan, more popularly known as Mr. Sharon Cuneta, took up the cudgels of “tambays” and has come out with strange reasons and twisted logic in defense of their rights.

He posted in his Twitter account in Tagalog, directing them what to do to preserve their rights. He stated that when they are about to be harassed and arrested by the police, these are the nine things that they should (Translated from Tagalog):

(1) Stay calm; (2) Ask for the name and unit of the arresting officer and the reason why they are being arrested; (3) Don’t argue but explain your side; (4) When arrested, remain silent but ask to be allowed to call a relative or lawyer; (5) Don’t sign anything; (6) Don’t attempt to escape; (7) Be alert to the possibility that evidence may be planted on you; (8) Look for possible witnesses; and (9) If possible take pictures or video the incident.

These are all fine but Mr. Sharon Cuneta, who is a Senator of the land, never gave them the very good and common advice that parents would usually tell their children: Don’t be a “tambay” and when one is unemployed or has nothing to do, stay home and perform worthy house chores.

But Mr. Sharon Cuneta, who lives in a gated residence in an exclusive subdivision and where no “tambays” are allowed to congregate and commit their criminal acts, doesn’t have a real grasp of the notorious acts being committed by a them. He cannot fully understand that the ordinary tax-paying, law-abiding, peaceful, and innocent civilians who live in the slums and tambay-rich neighborhood need government protection from these criminals that President Duterte also wants to protect. When these malefactors are bored and have nothing to do, they start thinking and looking for victims whom they can victimize.

Many are now asking, who is Mr. Sharon Cuneta trying to protect? The poor, innocent, and peace-loving citizens or the “tambays’ that for strange reasons he came up with the above-mentioned nine-point list on what a “tambay”  should do to protect himself from the police accosting or arresting them. He’s not manifesting the mark of a sane man. Did he raised these because he ran out of issues and ammunitions and just want to demonize President Duterte? By taking the sides of the “tambays” who constantly harass and victimize innocent civilians, Sen. Francis Pangilinan should have his head  examined.

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