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Wednesday, 27 June 2018 14:23



In my Lodge of Life, there are two issues that we, members of the Craft, are proscribed to discuss: politics and religion. Most often, when two friends discuss and debate these issues, they end up angry at each other, at times, enemies, especially religion. And when we talk about it we cannot avoid talking about God—the Great Architect of the Universe who sits in the great white throne where we stand alone and naked to receive judgment for deeds done while in the body.

But just like the Buddhists, Islams, Taoists, and what have you, each member of this religious affiliation has his own manner on how to worship and praise their own Gods. They likewise have they own beliefs and peculiar kind of devotion to glorify them.

So that when someone speaks ill about one’s God, he won’t easily get away with it but would lay himself open to heavy and scathing retorts and criticisms from a devout believer.

President Duterte experienced this when he criticized those whose God is stupid.

Unfortunately, those who want to be more Popish than the Pope, criticized him for making such sacrilegious remarks and took his statement out of context.

He said that one’s God, referring to the God of the Catholics, must be stupid because why will He create something perfect—Adam and Eve—and eventually destroy it? He said he believes in God but not in religion and his God is perfect. Analyzing his statement, he was apparently intending to express the reverse: that God is perfect. He is not stupid to create something good and destroy it. Review carefully the statement he made.

But surprisingly, many came out and criticized him for such statement. Bishops, priests, political oppositionists, and those fake religious believers whom took him out of context and refused to understand what he intends to express and to understand his perfect God. Definitely, God is not stupid

The problem with these people is that they want to appear as highly religious and staunch defenders of the Catholic faith without fully understanding the message of what President Duterte wanted to express. They don’t not want him to insult their religion.

On the other hand, I believed that such statement comparing his God and the God of the Catholics was totally reckless and imprudent. He unnecessarily provoked and propped up the cause of the political opposition and the Church who has been criticizing him on the manner how he conducted his campaign against crimes, drugs, and allegedly violations of human rights. The above-mentioned statement he made was no big deal but it only added more fuel and fire to the opposition’s cause, which includes the Catholic Church.  They would intentionally misinterpret and distort facts and meanings and do everything to destroy him. President Duterte makes no bone by stating publicly that he abhors and doesn’t agree the doctrines of Catholicism which is very hurting and insulting to the Church. But how I wish he should refrain from making such disparaging, hurting, and insulting comments and statements.


It’s not only the Church and the political Yellow Army who are doing almost everything to destroy and remove President Duterte from his post. Our very own Human Rights Commission and political oppositionists in collaboration with the United Nations Human Rights Group are joining their hands in this effort.

Very recently, the UNCHR took to task the administration of President Duterte for the killings of drug pushers and dealers which were done in violation of their human rights by approving and adopting a resolution signed by its 38 member countries.

Such resolution is patently questionable. It was allegedly drafted solely by the Icelandic delegation taken on the instruction of the European Commission. We now ask, was our human rights body had anything to do with the drafting of the resolution and the issuance of the statement of the 38 countries? Why is it that the countries allegedly behind the statement were only Western countries? Why isn’t there a single country from Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and Africa in the list? Moreover, this resolution was not taken up in the conference discussion.

This UNCHR is really mad at President Duterte. Their facts and figures regarding the killings and human rights violations are totally wrong—fed by local political oppositionists. Our PNP is determined to ensure the safety of all Filipinos, while at the same time upholding human rights and the rule of law. It was never the policy of the PNP to kill outright drug suspects in the anti-illegal drugs operations for they have the right to presumption of innocence and due process under the law.

This UN organization refuses to understand and believe that ours is a democratic and constitutional government and the rule of law is followed. Those PNP members who were involved in tragic incidents in line with the war on drugs are being investigated by our criminal justice system. As a matter of fact, many PNP officers have been dismissed from service and will eventually be tried in court.

The PH government wanted to get out of this organization. No wonder, the United States followed suit.