Some boarding houses exorbitant, unsafe PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 June 2018 11:08

BY Jack Edward Enriquez


Now that the tertiary education is set within reach of the indigent students, naturally there’s an increase in the number of students enrolled in college this school year.

Very recently Davao Rep. Carlo Nograles who is the chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations was here in the city to see for himself the turnout of the Free Tertiary Education Program passed in Congress which is intended for deserving high school graduates who wish to pursue their studies in college, but hampered by financial constraints.

This educational assistance kindles the hope in the hearts of poor parents who would like to see their children go through college and soon find a good job to lift uplift their way of living. Also it has a domino effect in solving our unemployment problem and other serious problems like illegal drugs.

However, there’s an obstacle that the city government should look into. It’s the lucrative business of providing shelter to boarders or bed spacers. Most students who come from the provinces or remote places have no relatives to stay within the city or town proper. So they have to look for cheaper boarding house in order to stretch out enough the meager allowance they receive from their parents.

Sometime in the previous school year, the administration or management of certain government- owned schools revealed their plan to build dormitories in their campuses at very minimal cost with priority the students of poor families. But not all schools can afford to have dormitories.

Some unscrupulous people would convert their houses into boarding houses without even registering with the city government or complying the requirements such as that of the Bureau of Fire Protection. They would deny by telling that those staying in the house are just their relatives from somewhere else. And the charges for rental is reportedly exorbitant.

The house is located in a congested neighborhood where the residents don’t care about precautions against fire or other forms of disaster, no fire exit or fire extinguisher and the electrical connections not properly done. So the lives of the students are practically exposed to danger.

Accordingly, when fire authorities make a round for inspection in a certain community, the billboards or sign-boards such as wanted bed spacer are stripped off to avoid detection.

A top ranking fire official said that they will coordinate with barangay official in order to flush out those unscrupulous owners of boarding houses.


That’s right. Involve them in your campaign to protect the lives of the students. After all, we cannot allow rascals to cheat the government in paying the legal obligation as they rake profits. While Congress has fulfilled its support to the thrust and programs of the Department of Education in giving every one equal opportunity to acquire higher education, local officials should also share their role for the best interest of the young generation.