Pres Duterte acting out PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 02 July 2018 13:09

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

I can’t get over the feeling that Pres Duterte is going through the “acting out” phase. But I cannot be correct about that feeling because this phase is usually demonstrated by young people who are being rebellious against authority figures. Or by adults going through an emotional disturbance.   Pres Duterte is not a young person, so are we to think that he is a senior citizen going through an emotionally stressful phase in his life?

An acting out behavior  is usually resorted to by individuals, young or old,  to  attract attention. But Pres Duterte does not have to resort to that behavior. He is the president of the country after all and his actions or pronouncements are the stuff of attention for the media. His statements about a “stupid God” were made in an event  that these statements had no  relevance to. From the news the occasion was an ICT event. Was he perhaps thinking of technology as the new God in our modern world?  Did he go to this event but was not prepared to deliver a rational speech? Who knows?

If he did not have a prepared speech that would be unusual. There is after all an office under the President with a budget of more than a billion whose main responsibility is to be a communication channel between the President and the public. What does that say of a president who goes ahead with an asinine speech on a stupid God and the creation? Let us let Pres Duterte know that we do not want a Filipino version of  Donald Trump. In fairness to The Donald I must say that even he has not gone as far out as our self-made theologian of a president.

What are parents told about how to handle acting out kids? They are told not to pay attention  when they are acting out; pay attention when they are well behaved.

I understand that it must be difficult for many people to disregard such nonsensical behavior  as we have seen lately in our “most popular” president. It will not be easy to do. But this should be a time for reflection for  those citizens of this country who think that the sun – and the moon- rise and set on someone named Rodrigo R. Duterte. The same someone who calls the creator of the sun and the moon as someone “stupid”.  These Filipinos cannot recall  the votes they cast in his favor in 2016 but this could be a lesson for them on how to choose a good candidate

Sometimes simple sayings can also be lessons for us. Remember the one that goes “It takes one to know one”?  I rest my case.