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Saturday, 14 July 2018 13:49


BY Jack Edward Enriquez

A mass oath taking of newly elected barangay chairman in Zamboanga Peninsula was held before President Rodrigo R. Duterte in Molave. Zamboanga del Sur, sometime last week. Only seven of the 98 chairman here in Zamboanga City were able to make it for one reason or another.

But why in Molave? Acoording to media reports, President Duterte has chosen small municipality because he wanted to make it a shining model or example before the Barangay heads as the only town in th peninsula or probably in the whole Mindanao where all the barangays were declared drug free. The Chief Executive who is moving heaven and earth in order to demolish completely the illegal drug trade, not only here in Mindanao, but the entire country, called upon all those counterparts in Molave and sooner or later their respective barangay would also be declared drug free.

Here in Zamboanga City, only three barangays had been considered as drug free. So there are still 95 left where the battle against illegal drugs is expected to go on raging before the banner of victory can be finally hoisted. At the moment though, it remains to be seen.

But, mind you, this is not only the mission of the barangay heads. Not only illegal drugs. Peace and security is another big responsibility to deal with. The welfare of the constituents especially the marginalized sector and the basic services they need; also the safety against calamities, relief assistance and rehabilitation. And most important is the security of the barangay funds or the accountability that follows with the expenditures. In other words, every baranagay chairman should see for the benefit of the constituents.

Scams, irregularities and malpractices should be kept away from the operation of the barangay council that only the best interest of the people show remain the top priority. According to political observers, the affairs of the barangay is not a family business nor a kind of livelihood to rely on.

If you’re accused of illegal or unlawful acts, violation of any laws, then found guilty, hence out you go. The Chief Executive through the DILG can remove any erring barangay official from office.

Keep still and reflect: Why would you aspire for the covetous post if only to be removed?