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Monday, 23 July 2018 13:59



Something’s wrong with those who say that because of the random unsolved killings, our city has become a dangerous place to stay and to make business. Since the 2013 MNLF siege, we have experienced continuous peace and order in the city. For many years now, we haven’t heard of any kidnapping or bombings that were common during the previous decades. Those killings we’ve heard lately were perpetrated mostly by professional hired killers paid by those who have personal grudge against the victims. They were killed due to non-payment of debts, politics, and illegal love affairs. As always, the victims were shot during holy and rush hours at designated killing areas where there are no witnesses. These are usually the reasons why our police investigators are breaking their heads and are placed in blank walls in solving these crimes driven mostly by personal motives. But all these killings don’t bother and distract the daily routines of the populace.

In a chance meeting with our new City Police Director, Sr. Supt. Allan Nazaro, he confided to me that our police operatives are continually investigating these incidents to identify and arrest the killers and possibly their masterminds at the earliest possible time and bring these perpetrators to justice. He said that Zamboanga City is a very peaceful place and we cannot allow fear and impunity to reign and affect the progress and development of the city.

Having just warmed his seat for only three months from his last post in Zamboanga del Sur, Sr. Supt. Nazaro said that the preservation and protection of lives and properties is his high priority. And to implement and accomplish this goal he accordingly formulated a Security Plan that he submitted to City Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar for her information and full support.

First, he recommended the prohibition of wearing full face helmets. This is for the purpose of easily identifying those riding-in-tandem killers. He says that this will not violate the national law regarding the wearing of helmets;

Second, he recommended the installation of CCTVs and street lights in strategic areas. These will likewise greatly help the police in the identification of would-be malefactors;

Third, he recommended the hiring/employment of additional traffic enforcers to man traffic in the city. He said that the police should not be tasked to perform this job but rather to concentrate on law enforcement;

Fourth, he recommended the buying of additional police vehicles to Police Station 11 to patrol the environs of the city and be visible to respond to city denizens who need their help;

Fifth, he recommended the change in the manner of recruiting members of the Barangay Intelligence Network (BIN). Since these people perform a very crucial and important job in helping protect their respective barangays, their recruitment and selection should be with the recommendation of the military and police authorities and not by the Barangay Chief who usually recruits relatives and friends who are not fitted and qualified to do the job;

Sixth, He also recommended that the City Council passes a resolution prohibiting anyone from carrying/bringing bladed weapons such as bolo, scythe and knives from their house to their farmlands; and

Seventh, he also recommended that barangays should help clear their highway shoulders of obstructions, including stray animals to avoid vehicular and motorcycle accidents.

Sr. Supt, Nazaro said that these recommendations that he submitted to the City Mayor may take some time for its realization and will entail additional expenses to the city but he is not worried. He said more important than the city’s financial support, they need the mayor’s firm moral support that drives and encourages the police forces to perform and accomplish their tasks.

Sr. Supt. Nazaro’s recommendations are undoubtedly reflective of his goal in making our city a peaceful and progressive city. He is undeniably doing his job. He considers himself as a Zamboangueño. For one, his wife is a native Zamboangueña, an Azcarraga of Tetuan.

We wish him all the best and good luck in accomplishing his goal.