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Wednesday, 25 July 2018 13:54



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… For God will bring every deed into judgment,  including every hidden thing,  whether it is good or evil…” (Ecclesiastes 12:14, the Holy Bible).


REP. ALVAREZ’ OUSTER AS SPEAKER A REMINDER TO THOSE IN POWER: The ouster of Davao del Norte Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez as House Speaker, which took place on the day of the third SONA (or State of the Nation Address) itself, should serve as a stern and grim reminder to those who are ensconced in power: the time will surely come that your days of glory as leaders will end.

As the Bible has written, in its Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, there is a time for beginnings, and there is a time for endings. Those in power should always remember this truth. They may think and feel in their bones that they are the best, because they are in power. But their being “best”, too, will end, at the date and time that the truly powerful One has determined, the one true God and Savior who is God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Because of this, it would do well for those who wield positions of leadership to be always true to the service to which they have been called. It would do them well if they work not only for their personal, family, or political interests while they are in power, but for the rights and welfare of the whole nation. The fact is that, as their terms come to an end—which end will surely come—it would be a lot better if the people’s judgment on them would be kinder.


THOSE IN POWER MUST TRULY SERVE THE PEOPLE: Thus, those given the opportunity to lead should fully inscribe in their minds, hearts, and souls, that they would surely be held accountable for whatever they thought, said, or did, in the discharge of their duties.

What is more, this accounting will not only be made by their constituents but, more importantly, by God.

As our Life’s Inspirations today says, in Ecclesiastes 12:14: “… For God will bring every deed into judgment,  including every hidden thing,  whether it is good or evil…” The judgment referred to here is, indeed, the more scary judgment for our leaders, for it is through this that the destiny of our leaders—whether in Paradise or in hell, in the life hereafter—is determined.

Our leaders and top officials of government must remember the story of how God judged everyone, which could be read in Matthew 25:31-46. This story instructs that there is only one standard by which a person’s destiny in Paradise or in hell is established: whatsoever he or she did to his or her fellow human beings, especially the poor and the marginalized, and those who suffer, would be rewarded or punished accordingly.


SPEAKER GMA: LAST CHANCE AT TRULY SERVING FILIPINOS? And, this is the same issue that we wish to remind the new House Speaker, Pampanga Rep. and former President Gloria Arroyo, with. While she is indeed making history on account of the fact that she is the only president of the country who has become House Speaker, she should always put in her mind that she must now perform well in her new position, for the good of the country.

I know that she knows that many have been judging her term as president of this country from 2001 to 2010 unfavorably, saying many nasty things about how she performed as president. I know that she knows that she is being characterized as one president who upheld her own interests during her administration.

While her election as Speaker of the House can be viewed by her and her supporters as a new blessing for her, she should look at this new position of power as one opportunity to straighten out her service to the people. Who knows, this might be her last chance to enable her to get good grades when she finally is accounted before God!


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