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Sunday, 29 July 2018 14:32



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… There are those who turn justice into bitterness and cast righteousness to the ground…” (Amos 5:7, the Holy Bible).


HOW COME THE CHILD’S ASSAILANTS WERE SO BOLD? The video of the mauling of a boy who was accused of stealing chicken has gone viral, raising concerns from many citizens. The video shows that the boy’s attackers knew they were being videoed. Yet, they didn’t waiver one whit in hitting the boy, and in throwing him into a muddy and dirty river later. How come the assailants were so bold? Who, or what, were they banking on for their rash deeds? And why are the police not acting against them?


RP DRUG PROBLEM IS 99% SPIRITUALLY CONNECTED: PDEA, or the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, is correct, the country’s problem on drugs is not just a law enforcement problem. But what PDEA should realize is that, the problem is actually 99% spiritually connected.

So, please, PDEA, include spiritual rebirth or renewal for people undergoing rehabilitation, so they can go back to God ASAP and so the campaign against drugs can at least have a fighting chance of success!


FOREIGN ECONOMIC DOMINATION OF NATIVES PROPHESIED BY THE BIBLE: Warnings have been raised a long time ago yet, about foreigners lording it over the natives in the natives’ own country, on economic and other activities (online gambling included which, in the case of the Philippines, is now controlled by Chinese nationals). We were told foreigners will dominate us when we, natives, no longer listen to, nor obey, God’s commands. See Deuteronomy 28:15, 43-44, and 49-52. But this can be remedied, says Deuteronomy 28:1-14. We should do this now!


ACCUSATIONS VS. MORALES REMAIN UNANSWERED: The term of former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales has ended, but I didn’t hear her respond to serious charges publicly aired against her by a justice of the Sandiganbayan. The justice said Morales was “amateurish featherweight” as Ombudsman, noting that the P10 billion plunder complaint that she filed against former Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr., Janet Lim Napoles, and others, had many loopholes.

It was unfortunate Morales didn’t answer, which can be considered a truly serious blunder because those charges have only added to the many accusations that have stained her name, and which have cast doubt on the many positions she held in government. Because Morales did not answer the Sandiganbayan justice’s laments, those laments will now taint her forever: an “amateurish featherweight” graft buster.

Let us read once more what appeared in Kakampi Mo Ang Batas, June 27, 2014 issue: “Morales’ silence could either mean that she couldn’t care less about the insult that the justice spewed out against her, or that, perhaps, she could not really rebut the anger that the justice poured on her.


JUSTICE’S TAUNTS VS. MORALES: “What was the justice complaining about against Morales, specifically? First is that, Morales allegedly allowed the plunder charge against Revilla and Napoles to reach the graft court even if it is weak, thereby making the charge vulnerable to attack from the defense.

“According to the justice, it is very clear that Morales and her subordinates at the Office of the Ombudsman acted hastily in the preliminary investigation of the plunder case. ‘Minadali’ (the Filipino word for acting haphazardly) was how the justice described the filing of the case.

“Then, the justice also decried the inability of the charge that Morales filed with the Sandiganbayan against Revilla and Napoles to ‘establish the body of the crime’ of plunder.  The justice complained that Morales allowed loopholes in the complaint for plunder, making it vulnerable to attack from the defense.


“TRUCKLOAD OF EVIDENCE” NOT SUBMITTED TO GRAFT COURT: “The justice further said: ‘With all the hype about truckloads of evidence (in the hands of the Ombudsman), the prosecution has yet to establish the body of crime. The justices (of the Sandiganbayan) will rule based only on evidence at hand, and presented. The prosecution had better make up their minds real soon and come up with better and stronger arguments and evidence’…”