Problems just because of some thoughtless people PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 15 August 2018 16:02



We Filipinos are known for our ability to overcome and adopt to challenges of all kinds—trauma, tragedy, personal crisis and problems in life—and are able to bounce back stronger, wiser and more powerful.

I’m amazed on how we are able to face up to the myriad of problems confronting us and bear the destructive effects of the series of typhoons, at least 20, that usually visit us during the rainy season from June to October.

Despite all these calamities, one could still see on television, many  people, half-submerged in floodwaters, still flashing their smiles as if everything is alright and manageable.

Well, lately things have not been alright. The smiles flashed by the people in Metro Manila, when rains would inundate their areas, is not anymore a sign of their perseverance and resiliency but a sign of a hidden resignation, hopelessness and despair as they face all these calamities.

But we cannot squarely place all these blames solely on mother nature but on some Metro Manilans themselves. They are primarily the reason why they are now experiencing and suffering the destructive effects of typhoons that kill several persons, destroy their bridges, roads, electric posts, homes, appliances and personal belongings, kill their animals and fowls, overflow their rice fields, and what have you. They’re now experiencing all these because of some stupid citizens’ total disregard for environmental cleanliness and preservation. They throw their garbage, especially plastics, everywhere thereby clogging canals and drainages.

The reported 18-tons of wastes and garbages that were washed out and hauled after the storm at Roxas Boulevard is unimaginable. One wonders, where have all these wastes come from?

I never experienced all these while studying in Manila during the 70’s. At that time, a one-hour rainfall may cause floods in low-lying areas but the waters will easily recede in a few minutes when the rains stop.

But times have changed. Manila now is not anymore the same as the old Manila—an ideal place to study, work or live—a green pasture. It is now a sinking city, a garbage city, and the Gates of Hell as described by American writer Dan Brown.

I’m wondering why many are still dying to study and work in that city. My three children would tell me that wages are high if you work in this big city compared to the wages paid here in Zamboanga City. One will also learn how to budget and save money, divide time, and be prompt in meeting schedules. Moreover, one learns how to become totally independent, responsible, and matured in facing the many challenges in life, especially during typhoons.

These may be true but why will I suffer and try to become resilient at the expense of those uneducated, thoughtless, and insensitive people who have no concern or unmindful of environmental cleanliness and sanitation.

Our city is still a paradise but we will also experience these problems if we follow the bad characteristics of those thoughtless people in Manila.