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Monday, 20 August 2018 12:10



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… How can a young person stay on the path of purity? By living according to your word (O God)…” (Psalm 119:9, the Holy Bible).


DOTR SEC. TUGADE, YOUR BEST WAS ALWAYS NOT ENOUGH, EVER SINCE: That had always been the alibi, Department of Transportation Sec. Arthur Tugade: “I did my best." But, as the popular song by James Ingram intones, “…I guess my best wasn’t good enough," especially in the light of thousands and thousands of passengers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport who can’t travel yet, because up to now the Xiamen Airlines plane from China which had a bumpy landing at the runway has not been totally removed yet.

If you did your best, Mr. Tugade, and your best resulted in this mess, isn’t it time to seriously consider allowing others to try their hand in running our airports, particularly NAIA? You cannot deny this, Mr. Tugade, that during the entire time that you are the top honcho at DOTr, the agency has become totally inefficient and ineffective in managing airports, and the other transportation sectors in the country.

The glaring truth here is that, it is not you, Mr. Tugade, who is being shamed by all these. It is President Duterte, because he had the misfortune of placing a Cabinet secretary whose “best” always turned out to be the “worst performance”. Can we please spare the President of more embarrassing humiliations arising from your ineffective discharge of your duties, Mr. Tugade, by your immediate resignation?


PROPHECY FULFILLED: GOD HIMSELF CAME DOWN TO EARTH, IN THE FORM OF MAN WITH FLESH AND BLOOD: The prophecy from the Old Testament of the Bible that God the Father Himself will come down to earth from heaven, in human likeness and form, in the form of man with flesh and blood, is a prophecy that came true, as per the account that can be read from the New Testament. The prophecy that God will come from heaven in the form of man can be read from Genesis 3:15, Isaiah 7:14 and Isaiah 9:6.

The fulfillment of this prophecy, or the pronouncement of its having been fulfilled, can be read from Matthew 1:18-25 of the Bible. According to these verses, Joseph, a descendant of King David, decided to divorce Mary, the woman who was engaged to be his wife, because it came to be known that she was already pregnant. But an angel of God appeared to Joseph in a dream, and told him that the baby Mary was to give birth to came from the Holy Spirit.

In Matthew 1:21-22, it is there written that the angel told Joseph further that Mary’s giving birth to the baby boy was in fulfillment of the prophecy that God gave through the prophet Isaiah.

The angel also said that “Jesus” was to be the Name of the baby, because He will save his people. This baby boy, who will be born as a man, is the “Mighty God, Everlasting Father” Himself, according to Isaiah 9:6.


CONTRACT VIOLATORS CAN BE MADE TO PAY DAMAGES AND ATTY’S FEES: Here’s another question, this time from 09392184229 (Gerry Pioneer OFW): “Good morning Sir. I want to complain and inform the public about the bad practice of a laundry shop in Sampaloc, Manila. I was one of their victims, with their modus operandi of claiming that expensive dresses entrusted to them for laundry had been lost. They refuse to pay for the value of the expensive dresses, saying since they were lost, they cannot be held liable. I suspect an inside job…”

Gerry Pioneer OFW, we at the LAWYERS IN THE LIGHT (or Lawyers Instructed on Godliness, Humility, and Truth) commiserate with your bad experience with the laundry shop. While you gave us its name, we chose to omit it here. What then can you do? Well, it is good you brought this to our attention, so warning can be issued to people from Sampaloc not to patronize this shop from now on. But, can the shop owners be held liable for the loss of the expensive dresses?

Yes, they can be held liable, because they have the responsibility to pay for the value of the dresses which they claim to have been lost. They have the responsibility to take care of the dresses entrusted to them for laundry, until they are returned to their owners. Included in your agreement with the shop owners, whether it be in writing or merely verbal, is the obligation of those owners to assure the safety of the dresses being accepted by them for laundry. If that contract was violated or was not fulfilled by them, they can also be charged for damages, and attorney’s fees.


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