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Monday, 20 August 2018 12:15


The administration of El Presidente de Davao is clearly systematically changing its policies toward everything — from politics, domestic and foreign discharges, to terrorism and communism. The move to Federalism is another issue that doesn’t make sense. Will it end poverty as contended, stir the country to economic prosperity, stop chronic graft and corruption, make the life of Juan dela Cruz better in terms of gainful employment or livelihood, stem the tide of official thievery and degeneracy in all levels of government that may be genial to a country sinking in inflation and disappointing growth domestic product?

From this near-overcrowded autonomous, highly-urbanized city of Zamboanga, I see that the “Davao Revolution” has disowned the principles and policies and of the previous administration and the achievements made since the Marcos Regime discredited.

We made friends, for example, with the People’s Republic of China in the late 1970s through the gorgeous grand First Lady Imelda R. Marcos. That was a relation hailed by the nation because we benefited from its trade and commerce exchanges. Against a popular outcry, the government in the quiet of dawn buried Ferdinand E. Marcos at the heroes’ burial grounds.

In the past, infrastructure development was carried out within our financial means, making sure that our foreign financial liabilities did not balloon way out of monetary proportions. Recently, we have embarked on the ambitious “Build, Build, Build” phenomenon with China as the “Miracle Bank” that, if not well audited an managed, will bury our faces in the mud.

Yes, unlike past administrations, El Presidente has fired some his people, his political allies who will for sure be “rehabilitated” and thereafter brought back into the mainstream of government. Ha, ha.

Meanwhile, TRAIN 1 has produced nothing but economic disorder. The promised “I will make the price of rice P15 a kilo” is now a staggering P42 and climbing. Sus madre mia! But as the Malacañang bloggers contend, El Presidente has four more promising years to go to rectify his missteps. Epochal changes, they say, are forthcoming.

Still, we are hopeful. Mr. Manny Piñol is trying hard, although with pennies in his budget to develop a national economy in the direction of agriculture. Mr. Mark Villar is also trying his best to develop light and heavy infrastructure with Chinese yuan. But these directions are enigmatic because of certain existing laws that need to be modified or abolished altogether. Thus, Federalism. Ha! Congress can simply amend certain irrelevant laws without a constitutional change, or a shift in government. To federate a heavily-divided country is to create more political instability and class struggle among various factions.

Today’s quote comes from Hubert H. Humphrey following his defeat in the U.S. presidential election in 1968: “Defeat, like victory, is only a passing phenomenon in a political career. The battle for one’s ideals and beliefs must go on, and I mean to pursue mine.”

For a moment there, I thought I heard Mr. Erbie Fabian speaking.