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Wednesday, 22 August 2018 14:13



Two evenings ago at the famous Japanese eating (and drinking) place, Hanazono, the most familiar individual, Mr. Erico “Erbie” Fabian, hit another remarkable, but shocking, declaration that stunned even the usually reserved Lord Charles Rieth: “I may run for vice mayor.” If he were around, the unflagging bar-topnotcher (No. 1) Vic Solis de Santa Maria, would have been jubilant, for he and 90,000 other voters want Mr. Fabian to become Citizen Two.

The survey said it all: Mr. Fabian will be the uncontested victor if he runs for vice mayor. If he runs for Congressman in the second district, it will be a mad scramble to the finish line against incumbent Mr. Mannix Dalipe, with Mrs. Lilia Nuno coming in third. The allegation is this: most congressmen need to be replaced because they are patently corrupt as they have to raise money for the vultures in the barangays and some mainstream media and bloggers who shadow them like a pack of hungry wolves for a share of the booty.

Mr. Fabian has been trained by the Jesuits, just like Mr. Celso L. Lobregat and Mrs. Beng Climaco-Salazar. This society of missionaries taught men to open doors for the ladies, pray the rosary and the “Our Father” in Latin. Erbie is one person born from a school teacher and an artist who became a household name and television character and pursued his political career in the shadows of the Lobregats...until he took another road in 2013. The Jesuits taught Ateneans the virtue of honesty. Most Blue Eagles embrace that teaching. Some, however,  entered into the loneliness of purgatory.

Now, for Martial Law.

It looks like it isn’t working in Mindanao. There are too many killings, bombings and whenever the opportunity presents itself, terrorism. As was written about the Marcosian military rule, Martial Law could not in the long run secure the Philippine republic “unless the social inequities and old habits which precipitated the military necessity were stamped out".

I think El Presidente has read FEM and his September 21 journals. He declared Martial Law in Mindanao to herald a movement for great, drastic reforms that would quiet the atmosphere of violence long present. In “reinventing” Mindanao, El Presidente has introduced a total modification of the social order. And as was in 1972, the problem now is the modification of the political culture. Thus, El Presidente has invoked his extraordinary powers to put Mindanao on course toward total development, not for just a segment of society that which we call Bangsamoro, but for all.

The “war on drugs” is not easy to win. The drug situation is not a product of economic hardship but of social inequities. Thus, terrorists, communists, corrupt and abusive lawmen, not to mention the violence committed by the affluent and untouchables, exist because of “social connections, economic domination and political protection".

If a new charter is ratified that will transform our political landscape, we will have to adjust our economic life which is perceived by Nene and company as the bulwark of our social aspirations. They claim that the proposed federal constitution will go directly to the people. (Hic!)

Simply said, the proposed sacred document needs to be discussed. This way, the moral mores will be maintained as the basis of clear thinking, better judgement and understanding of the wheretos and whereofs of our political destiny.