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Monday, 27 August 2018 14:40



The Catholic Church is once again at the center stage and under close scrutiny vis-à-vis the teachings and the actuations of their men in clothes. These have alarmed and opened the eyes of many faithful who now have doubts on their beliefs and faith to said sect. Many have now left its portals in search of a new, relevant, and meaningful religious congregations like the Born-Again-Christian groups. We’ve heard about these sexual abuses for centuries but up to now they still persist and are being committed with impunity by many priests in many Archdioceses.

The Church was able to survive the last pedophile scandal committed in the Boston Archdiocese decades ago but the Catholic Church last week was again plunged into its biggest and scandalous sex abuse crisis.

In its 1,356 pages August 4 report, the Pennsylvania grand jury in the United States detailed decades of sexual abuses and rapes of children, adolescents and women by priests in six (6) dioceses in the northeastern state of the United States which were kept secret and covered up by the Catholic hierarchy.

Said report was shocking in its scale and depth. More or less some 300 priests and religious groups were listed as offenders, victimizing more than 1,000 innocent faithful. The Pennsylvania Attorney general said that the number of abuse cases could be significantly higher but many have remained unreported due to cover-ups by the church hierarchy.

Accordingly, the horrific nature of abuses is unprecedented in modern church history. In Pittsburgh, predator clerics operated as a perverse sexual ring, victimizing vulnerable youngsters and thereafter passing them one by one to each member. It was reported that they even used the tools of masochistic sex and produced child pornography right inside church properties. Some sexual abuse acts were outright demonic as one priest sodomized a child with a crucifix. Another priest used holy water to rinse the mouth of a boy. Another one raped and impregnated a girl and then procured an abortion for her.

As usual, reactionary quarters in the Catholic Church will downplay this report. But this is a product of an 18-month investigation and its primary sources are the voluminous documents taken from secret church archives.

This report only concerns and deals with the abuses committed within the Pennsylvania diocese but if left unchecked and continued these will certainly be felt throughout the world including here in the Philippines. Undoubtedly, these will greatly affect the strict moral and religious authority imposed by priests on the millions of Catholic faithful. Many of us now would recoil at priests and church leaders teaching and imposing strict code of religious and moral authority then see them violating their very own teachings or tolerating their brethren to violate the same. Jesus Christ himself in the bible condemned the hypocrisy of the Pharisees who did not practice what they preached.

During his historic two-day visit to Ireland the other day, Pope Francis said that he shared in the “shame and pain” of the Catholic’s failure to deal with years of sexual abuse scandals. He said that the “failure of ecclesiastical authorities…to address these repellent crimes has rightly given rise to outrage and shame for the Catholic community.”

Many faithful Catholics are now urging Pope Francis to “remove every rotten apple” within the Church and take concrete measures against sexual abuse measures. Every rotten apple should be rid of and it should be done now. This issue should be dealt with properly because if this will be left unchecked and unsolved more people will be forced to give up in despair and walk away to seek another responsive, meaningful, and relevant religious congregation.

After using Catholicism to conquer and rule the Philippines and to subdue and tame the uneducated Filipinos to be submissive and respectful to Spanish authorities, sexual abuses are also being committed and persisting up to now in our country. Now, it should be the shepherd—the priest not the sheep—who should be rehabilitated and transformed or they should be rooted out and totally vanished to serve as an  internal cleansing, as what Pope Benedict XVI described, of the “filth” within.