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Tuesday, 28 August 2018 13:25



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…‘In the last days’, God says, `I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your children will prophesy, your youth will see visions, your old folks will dream dreams’…” (Acts 2:17, the Holy Bible)


CJ TERESITA DE CASTRO: OLD AGE IS NO BAR TO A MEANINGFUL SERVICE: The brickbrats and criticisms that have been hurled against the installation by President Duterte of Teresita De Castro as the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court have been utterly bitter and vicious, if totally unfair. Principally, the most brutal of all centered on her age---69 going to 70, in just a few weeks, where she is mandated by law to already retire from the judiciary.

According to the critics, as De Castro would only be serving for an extremely short period of time---she no longer has a month before she bows out of government service on her 70th birthday on October 08, 2018---there would be nothing more that she could do with any significance. With due respect, however, I am convinced that that kind of view is a totally misplaced assessment of things.

Old age, or even just a very short stint in an office, can never be a satisfactory gauge of whether or not an individual can be considered worthy of the position that had been entrusted to him or her. The truth is that, there are countless examples of old people who have been tapped by God to perform more sensitive work assignments and who did extremely well according to God’s will and directions.


OLD PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN SENT BY GOD TO FULLFILL HIS WILL:  One famous example of old people who have been sent by God to do  HIS bidding despite their advanced years were the spouses Abraham and Sarah. Abraham was over 100 years old, while Sarah was already very near her one century birth anniversary when they were permitted to still have a son, Isaac, in fulfillment of God’s promises to them.

To those who are unaware, Isaac became the father of Jacob, who, in turn, became the father of the twelve tribes of people who have been called Israelites, the chosen people of God. Too, Moses was already 80 years old when he was commissioned by God to lead His people to freedom from their 400-year slavery in Egypt.

During the time of Jesus, God also sent two old people, Anna and Simeon, to proclaim to Israel that the child Jesus would be the Savior of the Israelites and of all who have faith in God.

Clearly, from these examples, God did not consider their extremely ripe ages as a deterrent for the fulfillment of His will for man’s salvation. Indeed, it is true that God allows even the very old to have dreams and visions for the good of the people.


WHAT IS GOD’S MESSAGE IN CJ DE CASTRO’S INSTALLATION? And that is what we should all pay attention to with President Duterte’s installation of Chief Justice Teresita De Castro. We must focus on what the new leader of the entire judicial branch of government could still do to fulfill God’s will for the judiciary which, undeniably, continues to encounter serious and grave problems on matters of dispensing even justice for all, whether the rich or the poor, the strong or the weak, in this country.

Even now, I see that there is already a very strong message in the installation of De Castro as the replacement of the ousted chief justice, Meilo Aranal Sereno. What is this message? That, the opportunity to serve truly and honestly, to God and to the people, can never be measured in terms of a person’s age. That, old and young public servants can decide to be faithful to the oaths they have taken, in accordance with God’s commands!

That having been said, Kakampi Mo Ang Batas heartily congratulates Chief Justice Teresita De Castro. Indeed, God wants her to do something for Him and it would do the new leader of the judiciary well to fathom what this is. Second, we are fervently praying and asking God to show De Castro what He wants her to do now that He allowed her to be installed as the new chief justice. We finally pray to God to give De Castro sufficient good health and clear discernment so she could do this will of God.


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