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Saturday, 01 September 2018 12:23



School is the main avenue for delivering better, fun and quality learning in order to inculcate and develop the desirable values, proper behavior, the right attitude and pleasing personality of the learners. With the use of essential Classroom Management, any conscientious teacher can do it.

What is Classroom Management anyway? Classroom Management is simply the process a teacher creates in order to achieve a pro-social behavior and at the same time increase the academic achievements of the students. It requires a variety of skills, techniques, approaches and sincere love for children to ensure that the classroom would run smoothly, without incurring unmanageable actions of students.

There are huge numbers of books, podcasts, seminars, and classes dedicated to classroom management which teachers have read or attended, and yet, conflicts, bullying, petty quarrels, shouting, and other not-so-pleasant behaviors are still manifested by the students in the classroom everyday, and we ask, “Why is this so?”

Well, let us try to assess things. How is your classroom today? Is it clean? Is it in order? Do you have anything displayed that could attract their attention or interest? Is your room well-structured, appealing and conducive to learning? Do you have a place for personality check: proper grooming, neat and clean uniform, etc.? Does it have a corner for a small library where they can spend their free time?

As a teacher, you may ask yourself, “Do I love children?”  What kind of experiences, skills, or personality do you have that would manifest this? Have you ever tried to be acquainted with every child that comes your way? Have you ever smiled, greeted or asked how a child is doing at home, has the child slept well or eaten a good meal before going to school? Have you ever asked an absentee, sleepy or sad child the reason for such kind of behavior? Have you ever made a child feel secured and comfortable with your presence? Did you ever try to build good relationship with them by getting to know them well? Have you tried to know their strengths and weaknesses? If so, what have you done about the things you have discovered? Were you able to get their trust? Do you give incentives for good behavior, answers or scores? Do you give praises or compliments? Have you made them feel loved and cared for?

You may also take time to meet their families. Find out what kind of setting they have at home without being invasive and interfering. Make positive phone calls, send letters or visit their homes. Allow the child to open things up through his or her own volition; to tell something to his/her siblings or parents, which could help ease the tension, if there is any.

Furthermore, give compliments for something good the child has done in school, that way, parents and kids will see you as an ally. Try to make interventions that could help alleviate the parents’ concerns if there is a need to do so. Ask the help of the classroom adviser, guidance counselor and the other concerned individuals.

Whether you are a seasoned teacher or new to the craft, there are lots of things that you can do to make your class behave the way they should.

Most importantly, you need to be more compassionate, caring, considerate, creative and enthusiastic to let the learners feel comfortable. Try to make use of the classroom management strategies you have learned that fit your learners’ needs. Having all of these and believing in your capability to make things happen will make a great difference in your classroom.

Effective Classroom Management is an absolute MUST to show that you are a competent, effective and an inspiring teacher!