A sober plea before RP imports pork Print
Wednesday, 05 September 2018 12:19



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…`Very truly I tell you,’ Jesus answered, `before Abraham was born, I am!’…” (John 8:58, the Holy Bible)


A SOBER PLEA BEFORE RP IMPORTS PORK: I am urging the Duterte government, before it implements any importation of pork as Department of Agriculture (DA) Secretary Manny Piñol appears to be staunchly proposing, to conduct first an honest-to-goodness inventory on how big (or how small) really is the country’s need for pork at present and until Christmas time, and what is the true and exact number of pigs that can be available for butchering between now and December.

Certainly, Piñol and his subordinates at DA must thoroughly clarify first the existing “supply and demand” situation on the country’s production of pork. This is necessary to prove that, indeed, the supposed urgent need to import pork at the present time is genuine and real, not simply made up. I share the concern of some that any permit that the DA will grant for the importation of pork can be used yet again as an instrument of pork smuggling, and also the entry into the Philippines of meat from “double dead" pigs.

Truly, many businessmen are complaining that their operations---and their viability and profitability and continued existence as hog raisers---could be seriously prejudiced with imported pork. They believe that they have the capacity at the moment and even well after Christmas to satisfy the need for pork of our countrymen. I have also been told that the DA move to import pork would favor only a few privileged personalities who are close to the powers that be.


PROOFS OFFERED BY JESUS TO SHOW HE IS GOD THE FATHER (II): From John 8 of the Holy Bible comes another declaration from Jesus that He is God the Father. In John 8:58, Jesus directly said, in the presence of the Jews who were bothered by His teachings, that He, Jesus, is “I Am”. As we all know by now, “I Am” refers to God, the One who came down to earth from heaven to save His people, Israel, from their 400 years of slavery in Egypt (see Exodus 3).

Jesus earlier declared He is “I Am”, or God the Father, in John 8:24 and 28, where He warned the Israelites that they would die without their sins having been forgiven (and thus making them eligible to enter hell in eternity) if they did not believe that He, Jesus, is God the Father whose Name is “I Am”, who is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

In John 8:58, Jesus clarified that even before Abraham was born, He, Jesus, who was during those times not yet 50 years of age according to human standards in reckoning age here on earth, was actually already there before Abraham. This was so because Jesus was “I Am”. The Jews refused to accept this statement of Jesus. Because of that, they tried to kill Him by stoning Him, but they didn’t succeed in doing so.


WHEN IS A FILING FEE REQUIRED IN CRIMINAL CASES?  Here is a follow-up question from Bhelle Merene (bhellemerene.14@gmail.com): “Do I need to spend for a criminal case? I am asking this because I do not have enough money for this.” Now, for the benefit of our readers, here was Bhelle’s first problem: “Good afternoon, sir. I wish to ask about a problem I first referred to the barangay. They have already given me a CFA."

“What should be my next step now so I can continue with my complaint and secure justice over the pain that was caused to me by someone who posted in his FB account many unsavory things against me…”

In my answer to this first question, I said Bhelle could already file a case in court after she was given the CFA (or Certification to File Action in court) from the barangay.

Bhelle’s question now is: will there be expenses if she eventually filed her case? In criminal cases, there is no filing fee for the filing of a case before the fiscal’s office for purposes of a preliminary investigation. The criminal cases can be filed directly with the fiscal’s offices even if the complainant does not pay any filing fee. However, if the complainant seeks the payment of damages and his criminal cases that involve damages are finally filed in court, that is where a filing fee would be required.


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