BLAZING THOUGHTS: Be a blood donor! PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 15 September 2011 14:32

BY Al Kenoh

No one can live without blood unless he’s a robot. According to medical science, about 70 percent of the human body is water. And this water is mostly in the form of blood.

It’s a common knowledge that many people have died due to hemorrhage or loss of blood. They could have survived if only they have reached the hospital on time and given the proper treatment to stop the oozing of blood and replace the blood lost.

Blood is badly needed in a major operation or in time of emergency such as bombing, shooting and stabbing incidents or serious accidents. Even in case of dengue disease where the patient is already bleeding, blood tranfusion is necessary to survive the illness.               

But do you know where to get the precious blood? Almost everybody knows, isn’t it? In time of emergency when blood is the urgent demand to cling to life, it’s no other else, but the Red Cross!

Many years ago, you got to look for relatives and friends having the needed type of blood and immediately take them to the hospital. Also there used to be some blood peddlers hanging around the hospital premises. Today only the Red Cross have been authorized to examine and extract blood for infusion in order to ensure the quality of blood and the safety of the recipients.

Administrator Vie Liozo of the local Red Gross can’t help reminding the public that once you get blood from the Red Cross, see to it to replace that blood so other lives can also be saved.

Much better be a blood donor to help in maintaining adequate supply of blood for any emergency in the future, he emphasized.
Despite the blood donation conducted every now and then, yet it was learned that the demand for blood is still difficult to cope up considering that many patients in need of blood are brought to the different hospitals aside from the violent incidents that happen sporadically.

Along this line, we have a few worthwhile ideas in support of the blood bank. Every family should have, at least, a member as blood donor through the efforts of the barangay officials. Schools should come up with a special program encouraging their students especially those in college to be blood donors. The Red Cross may initiate a
move to organize all those with type AB blood into a group such as Royal Blood Club intended for any eventuality requiring the rare type of blood.

While you save others with your blood, you rejuvenate yourself with new blood.