SQUARE POINT: The horrible monster at PNP PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 15 September 2011 14:33

In the news we read about a handful of policemen who have courageously defended their police station against the attack of communist rebels in a remote village here in Mindanao. In Metro Manila, a policeman was seriously wounded as he fought it out with holduppers in a bus where he was on board. And many other heroic stories of brave men and women in the roster of the Philippine National Police.

We really admire and feel proud of these fearless law enforcers who are willing to stake their lives in running after all dreadful villains for the protection and safety of the people.

They comply their duties and carry out their missions through most dangerous situations to enforce the law and fulfill the famous maxim that no one is above the law— everyone should go by the rule of law.

They’re ordinary cops and rookies though, sans stars, yet they shine as models in our society. They’re the paragon of virtue in police service.

Sometimes we also read news about policemen accused of torture, using and pushing illegal drugs, rape, robberies, human right abuses, killings and other unlawful activities. Silently we cry the way their loved ones and friends cry for them. Perhaps, they’re mere victims of circumstances or have been misguided by the splendor of worldly pleasure and desire.

However, it’s very hard for us to cry this time. Are the people willing to waste a tear after learning of the scandalous revelations in the PNP hierarchy where many stars were involved?

Many of us were completely stunned as we read in the news— FG’s used choppers paid as brand-new by PNP officials, defective rubber boats purchased by the PNP, anomalous repair expenditures of PNP vehicles and fake PNP pensioners scandal. As a result, the government has lost billions of public funds out of the taxpayers’ money.
While the people were told, it’s been several times, to be very patient and bear the trying times for everything is being done to rescue, revive and heal the ailing economy of our country, the horrible monster of corruption and degradation was conceived in the minds  dominated by greed.

Our point is— let justice take its course. Just keep watch till the end of the road come what may.