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Friday, 21 September 2018 13:19



Many may have common sense but only very few have good sense. Thinking they’re doing right, their actions often end up extremely rude and discourteous. This happened last Tuesday at the Marcian Garden Hotel—the venue for the 3-day Annual National Convention of Councilors League.

Being this year’s host, our city, through then Councilor Myra Abubakar and now the newly-appointed Regional Director of Department of Tourism 9, was tasked to be the over-all in-charged in the preparation of this convention. Her main task is to see to it that the attendance and stay of the participants coming from the various areas in the country would be pleasant, enjoyable, and very memorable. Attracting many participants to this convention is an appropriate opportunity to showcase the different interesting and beautiful places in the city and for them to experience the peaceful conditions of our city which is contrary to newspaper reports that our city is a dangerous place to visit.

Indeed, the convention has attracted councilors from the City of Las Piñas, led by their Vice-Mayor Louie Bustamante, who has many close friends in this city and who he wanted to meet and renew his acquaintances and friendship. Louie, as we fondly called him, who is a neighbor of local denizen Engr. Jerome Lao in a subdivision in Las Piñas, was the former National President of the Councilors League of the Philippines and also the former President of the Vice-Mayors League of the Philippines. He’s a very close associate of the       Villars and Aguilars and has never been defeated in a local election.

Eager and excited to meet and greet old friends and supporters, Louie, being the Presiding Chair of the Las Piñas City Council, accompanied his councilors to the convention site. Naturally, his councilors were listed as participants/delegates and were given their respective IDS to enable them to enter the convention site which was the strict order of the organizers. Incidentally, Louie has no convention ID and was prevented from getting in the convention site. Definitely, he knows very well that he’s not a participant but requested convention head, Myra Abubakar to allow him to enter even just for a few minutes to accomplish his purpose. But Abubakar stood pat on her policy of “No ID, No entry.” Engr. Lao, who accompanied him, introduced him to Abubakar as the Past President of the Councilors League and also the past President of the Vice-Mayors League of the Philippines, who just wanted to enter the convention site, which has not yet started, to meet old friends and supporters. But just the same, Abubakar stood her ground and did not allow Louie to enter for security reasons.

His councilors, upon seeing what Abubakar has done to their Council’s Presiding Chair, all went out of the hall and boycotted the convention.

As host to the convention, observance of courtesy and utmost understanding and consideration must always be observed in dealing with participants. What Abubakar did was a tactless and highly despicable act which must never be done to a visitor to our city. She could have simply bended her “No ID, No entry” and allow the hapless city visitor to come in and accomplish his wish. There are situations that require the exception of implementing this rule.  But she displayed utmost discourtesy by totally disregarding the visitor’s stature and simple request. Just like others who have no IDs she considered him as a possible security threat. One Las Piñas councilor commented that Abubakar was extremely “bastos” and should have not fronted to face city visitors. They were even asking, where did she come from? Who taught her good manners and right conduct? Why was she elected? Suppose she is placed on the other shoes, what would she feel?

I don’t know Abubakar except the fact that she was elected then as City Councilor and now the newly-appointed Regional Director of the Department of Tourism 9. Other than these, I have not heard nor kept track of her accomplishments and performance as a city alderwoman. What I can recall is that she was once the councilor who made so many travels. Whether it’s official or not, I don’t know.

It is lamentable that she is now the newly-appointed the Regional Director for Tourism. What she displayed to the city’s visitors is totally incongruent to her new role in promoting and marketing the region.

Take a vow Myra Abubakar. You just made the visit of the Las Piñas councilors and vice-mayor memorable, unpleasant, and a bad experience. With what she did, these visitors will have never-ending unpleasant tales about our city just because of this tactless and discourteous government functionary.