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Wednesday, 03 November 2010 14:40

Many of our readers have agreed that instead of adding two more years in high school, the new administration should do something to cleanse the Department of Education. Such bureaucracy, according to them, has been contaminated as in graft-ridden.

No offense meant. But this is the glaring opinion of the people which we have to face candidly. Let's be honest to ourselves that this is a fact and there's truth in it.

To be onion-skinned daring and challenging the critics to prove it in court is an utter hypocrisy.

Vos populi, vos dei.

To extend the stay of students in high school to make them productive and self-sufficient won't help any, rather an exercise in futility because the particular department sits on a rotten foundation which seems to be on the verge of collapse anytime.

There had been a lot of complaints and irregularities exposed, but what happened? Anyone penalized? Jailed? Maybe one or two ordinary teachers or personnel, but not a ranking official who is the alleged author of the whole mess.

For example: a teacher-applicant who is applying for an item has to give away his/her first salary checks or other valuable items in return has been a common talk about town.

But what happened?

Another one: the recommendation and selection of certain officials to top positions. Many things are done and undone allegedly with dubious intent for a detour in getting the

How about this NEAP (National Educators Academy of the Philippines)?

It gives qualifying examination to teachers seeking promotion, such as school administrators, from head teacher to the position of principal, etc. But there is no transparency in the release of the exam results as well as the procedure for the
selection of those granted promotion. Despite the big amount of registration fee shelled out by applicants, it's disgusting to note the presence of bias and manipulation.

Our point is— make NEAP an independent body like the PSC for it to function credibly and transparently, the long time wish of deserving and dedicated teachers. Or else abolish it and let PRC do the job.

And many more irregularities before tampering the standard number of years of the education levels in schools.

You have only sixyears before a new President takes over the helm of the Republic. How can you prove the viability of your great idea when another DepEd secretary comes in with another idea greater than yours?

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