SQUARE POINT: Of liars and cheaters PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 16 September 2011 14:53

BY Jack Edward Enriquez

August 29, one of the legal holidays, is National lieroes Day. It was declared a non-working holiday for the Filipino nation to pay tribute or give homage to our heroes for their heroic deeds, patriotic struggle and nationalistic ideas that paved the way for the freedom that we’re enjoying today. Matter of fact, many of them have sacrificed their lives in defense of their motherland.

Indisputably our heroes are the best examples and shining models who serve as an inspiration for us to protect and serve our country. In everything we do as Filinino citizens, we must show the love we have for our country. It’s plain and simple— follow the footsteps of our heroes.

However, we’re sad and disappointed over what’s taking place in our society and government. What more our eminent heroes? In case they’re watching what’s happening today, won’t they be sad and disappointed like us, too?

Take a look at the marathon inquiry or probe conducted in the Senate, Never mind if it’s in aid of legislation or whatever. What matters most is the putrid mess exposed before our eyes such as— the aborted anomalous ZTN deal, fertilizer scam, PNP Euro and AFP intelligence funds scandals, LWUA excessive bonuses, PCSO funds scam, PNP choppers anomaly and many others.

Those who were allegedly involved are not common citizens, but educated, affluent, prominent and influential figures in our midst. They have fooled, cheated and manipulated to plunder public funds or taxpayers’ money, for their personal aggrandizement. During the investigation, they kept on lying to fool the senators as well as the sovereign people. They invoked their right to privacy or against self-incrimination, pretended to be suffering from amnesia, hypertension and other diseases just to avoid telling the truth and elude conviction for their dereliction and infraction of the laws.

So how can we be proud of our heroes? What’s there for us to be proud of? Do we deserve the sacrifice and death of our heroes?
The only point gleaming in our minds— liars and cheaters don’t deserve to tread on the laurels of noble heroes.