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Friday, 16 September 2011 14:54

BY Jane dela Cruz Bascar

Spiritual writers who claim that living consciously is a life-long journey hit the nail right on the head.   Every time I feel like I’ve made considerable headway, either I backslide or something happens to remind me that I’ve still got a long, long way to go, that there’s so much more to learn, and that to assume otherwise would be folly. This has left me with no other option but to stay coachable: to be available and open to the wisdom that Heaven always has to offer.

Writer Gay Hendricks highlights the importance of remaining coachable in his story about the brilliant tennis player Boris Becker, After winning the Wimbledon at the remarkable age of seventeen and becoming its youngest winner, Becker barely made it through the tournament the following year. The reason? He had fired the coach who helped him accomplish such a remarkable feat the year before. Hendricks concludes, “Life then proceeded to kick this attitude off the court. Life often has a way of speaking to you gently if you’re coachable but with brutal toughness is you’re not.”

To ensure that we don’t fall into the same trap, another spiritual writer, Wayne Dyer advises: “Stay in an attitude of readiness at all times, and the teachers and the teachings will manifest for you…Once you’ve declared your readiness, don’t scoff at anything or anyone that may have some connection to your return to Spirit. Even an overheard conversation between four-year-old children can be a message for you – if it registers with you in any small way, then drink it in and allow yourself to process it as a Divine communiqué.

Dyer also urges us to trust our intuition regardless of opposition from the people around us. He says, “No one else has to agree with you or even understand you. In fact, I’d urge you to resist defending your inner inclinations to anyone who has an attitude of resistance.”

Dyer shares these other tips, “Begin the process of actually looking for ways in which Spirit might be communicating with you right now. When these unexpected synchronicities appear (as they will more and more frequently when you’re open to them), ask what it is that you’re to learn from them. When you peacefully ask your Creator in quiet meditation or prayer, you’ll see what it is that’s guiding you. There are angels of Spirit surrounding you, so don’t be hesitant to ask. And, of course, when you do, you will receive…Be prepared to make major changes in your life after you become accustomed to what these alignments you’re experiencing are saying to you. I personally received many messages from Spirit that told me over and over that I was to give up my addictive ways – yet for years I ignored them at my own peril. Today, I look back at the obvious nature of what I was being encouraged to do, and now I know why I had to ultimately follow those alignments of energy or die.”

Finally Dyer says, “Whenever you seem to be receiving an unexpected jolt from the Universe, make every effort to note precisely what it was that you were thinking at the moment you took in the message. That bird that touches you, that leaf that blows into your face, that toe you stub for the third time – anything at all – note your thought at the moment and see if you can detect any connection to what has just happened. Your thoughts are energy, and Spirit communicates by aligning Itself with you by getting your attention, and allowing you to then move on it or ignore it.”

For those of us who are willing to work on living a more conscious life, the above tips will prove invaluable in helping us to be in a constant state of readiness, especially because the Teacher always appears when the student is ready.  Amazing things happen to those who willingly welcome and embrace the many ways Life teaches us and pushes us forward on the path to our best life. The sooner we cooperate and collaborate with the teachers Life sends our way, the more progress we make on our Life’s journey.

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