Singing the anthem with emotion PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 11 October 2018 11:17

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

The anthem sung was not our own but it gave me gooseflesh just the same. The Star Spangled  Banner was sung by a teeny little girl at a sporting event in California. Her family name suggests  that she comes from a family of immigrants – a polysyllabic name that is difficult to pronounce let alone remember. But she is known by Malea Emma. I was inspired by   the fervor and emotion she gave to her singing. No wonder the video went viral in social media in the US. See if you can watch it by googling the event. Type  “Malea Emma sings US National Anthem” in the search bar.

Now if we can only find someone to sing our Lupang Hinirang with the same fervor and emotion that Malea Emma showed when she sang the US National Anthem! Then we might also be inspired to feel just a bit more love for our own country.

I may be wrong but I am sad to think that our country is going through what it is going through now because we just don’t feel enough love for the Philippines.

The present coverage  of  the Philippine National Anthem in our media is on  suggestions to change some of the lyrics -  suggestions that focus on the last line in the anthem. Perhaps these suggestions were inspired by a sincere wish to strengthen the call to patriotism. But these ideas come around regularly and not always without stirring controversy.

I understand that there is a group which is some sort of watchdog on how the anthem should be sung, tempo and such. Perhaps this same group can find a good singer and guide him/her to sing the anthem the proper way and this way can be the model for other singers to follow.

We cannot all engage ourselves in an activity to show  how much we love our country – go off to war for her, or join a group that runs after those who steal from our national coffers,  or those who distort our history, as in the televised tete-a-tete between Marcos Jr., and JP Enrile. But we should be given simple opportunities when we can be inspired to feel love for our country, as when our flag is raised or when the anthem is sung.