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Saturday, 17 September 2011 15:18

When my husband Vincent A. Elago was in charge of the Dept. of Tourism in Region 9, and head of the Philippine Tourism Authority here in our beloved Zamboanga, I joined some tourism seminars. From here, I learned what the tourists go for.

They love our beloved Zamboanga because our city has a natural beauties and the friendliness of  Zamboangueños, a trait that they appreciate from amongst us. If you travel in our countryside, you will appreciate our green surroundings in the mountainside, which westerners don’t see in their own country. Would you also imagine how they love our Sta. Cruz Island, even without any shades? I know for a fact my husband, as head of PTA, built comfort rooms and shower rooms, and some benches for the tourists to rest. Sta. Cruz Island was well known for its pink sand. Some employees who live there were assigned to comb the beach, separating the broken corals among the sand, and are thrown in the inner part of the beach. This is how they maintain the beach.

We are hoping that once this island will become a tourist attraction again, there will be no big buildings, only cabanas and lounging benches for sunbathing. You can’t have umbrellas, as it is windy there. According to my husband, the Sta. Cruz beach is not really good for swimming because there are certain parts where the current of the sea is strong, so perhaps, it’s advisable to hire lifeguards and the picnickers should be warned beforehand. Please don’t put billboards, as it will destroy the natural beauty of Sta. Cruz Island.

Economy wise, we know that when tourism will thrive in our beautiful Latin City, our city will be more progressive! Since my husband is an authority on tourism, I asked him what is needed for us to bring the tourists back to our city and he cited three and these are the following; 1) The cleaning of our city, including the markets 2) Our peace and order. 3) Maintain our friendliness to our visitors. 

You know, when we talk of cleanliness, when we go around downtown city streets, we see sputum in some parts of our streets. People who spit on public places should be fined Talking of peace and order, our authorities should strictly follow the gun ban. I personally believe policemen and soldiers should be scattered in plainclothes so as not to frighten tourists. The third is simple, because our people are naturally friendly. We have no problem in this aspect.

I suggest that we should have a welcome billboard in the city itself since it is the feast of our Lady of the Pillar next month.