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Saturday, 17 September 2011 15:19

BY Jack Edward Enriquez

How does our city stand as far as tourism is concerned?

In a TV news program, a tourism official meekly admitted that the city rates as low as five to six in a rating of one to 10 with 10 as the highest. It’s a dismal comment, but that’s the real score, anyway.

What’s wrong with the Latin City of Asia? Perhaps, there are some impelling factors or hindrance in clambering to the peak. The first one which is causing a severe damage is the unstable peace and order condition in the region. News stories about violent incidents, armed confrontations and kidnappings usually carry the name of the city as dateline. Travel advisories from foreign countries are inadvertently blown up by the local media giving the city a scary image. Definitely we cannot escape from the repercussion brought about by the bloody hostage crisis at the Quirino Grandstand where eight Chinese tourists from Hongkong were killed a year ago.

In addition, the mediocre facilities in our airport, wharf and bus terminal elicit a turn-off sway to the tourists aside from some arrogant and impolite trike drivers who have nothing else in mind, but to make easy money from tourists. Also as repellent is the problem of garbage and sanitation— dirty rubbish littered everywhere and the foul smell in a street corner.

From our point of view, the government needs the private sector as a partner in promoting the tourism industry in this city. While developing and building the city’s beautiful landmarks, implementing the thrust and programs of tourism, the people’s attitude should be changed to become pro-tourism and be able to contribute in making this city a real tourist destination. The time comes when our city will have the charms to fascinate and captivate the heart of every tourist.
What can an ordinary citizen do to become pro-tourism, asked one of our avid readers.

Don’t be a lltterbug! Don’t deceive or fool tourists just to make little money. And don’t make fun of them.

A pivotal point— have all lovely things about Zamboanga City see print. Or better still, produce a nice coffee table magazine telling the readers in distant shores about what the city has for them.