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Thursday, 08 November 2018 14:14

By Remedios F. Marmoleño

I am not in the inner circle that knows about the latest goings-on in Zamcelco. I only pick up what is in the media about our coop. But what I read or hear about is confusing or even exasperating.

I know that the IMC is now in place. The Board of Directors has been deactivated. There is a new top man supervising the day-to-day activities of our coop. But these recent items belie how the coop continues the below-par service we have been given over the years.

I don’t know if it is just my area of the city where outages of about ten minutes or longer take place every day, sometimes three times in one morning.

Somehow I imagined that the electricity service would be improved once we have someone running things. Sad to say it is the same old routine. I expected that having a NEA rep in the coop and having deactivated the Board, things will definitely be different. Hinde gale. When may we expect changes for the better?


I was in Z Norte for three days recently but my last visit in Dipolog and Dapitan was some years back. I was pleased with what I saw on this recent visit which indicated that the two cities have moved on from where they were before. I wish I can say the same for our ZC. Things are not really that bad here but I think we have moved on very slowly from where we were before.

One basis for comparison with Dapitan is how clean the latter is. My group went on a short city tour in the morning and most of everyone’s comment was how clean Dapitan is. I did not see mounds of uncollected garbage as I regularly see in ZC. I have made the suggestion to the decision makers in our city that perhaps we should look at the possibility of collecting garbage very early in the morning so that when people are up and about the garbage has already been collected. This way when we don’t see mounds of garbage to be collected only later in the day (if at all) then we don’t come away thinking that our city is dirty.


The PO1s of our PNP are certainly getting a lot of flak these days. And what is happening is not giving our police force a positive face before the public. We know that these police officers do not represent the whole of the PNP but we have to admit that they give the public a rather negative side of our PNP. If the force cares about public perception of the men and women who work for public safety then some thinking needs to be done, and quickly.