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Tuesday, 13 November 2018 15:38



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… The foreigners who reside among you will rise above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower…” (Deuteronomy 28:43, the Holy Bible)


MR. PRESIDENT, THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE WE MUST KEEP AN EYE ON IN PALAWAN: What, really, must we keep a watchful eye on in Palawan? Are these the tourists who go there and so give our countrymen in the province much-needed opportunities for earning, or the  people whose only interest in Palawan is to strip its forests of their trees, or mine its natural resources for personal riches and economic benefit?

I am compelled to raise this question as I was preparing to write this column, after I read the statement of President Duterte quoted in the media which says the people of Palawan must endeavor to keep a watchful eye on tourists who visit the province, to prevent them from destroying the province and its tourist spots.

That presidential statement led me to think that there might now be a need for the President himself to go to Palawan, in disguise or incognito, and incapable of being recognized by anyone, and then try to talk to the residents in the province. I am certain the President will be shocked to learn what, or who, had been truly causing the denudation of forests in Palawan and the destruction of its once-pristine environment.


PNP, ALBAYALDE SUFFERING FROM LOW CREDIBILITY: Truly pitiable! That’s the indubitable state today of the Philippine National Police (PNP) and its incumbent chief, Director General Oscar Albayalde, as they both valiantly try to provide additional explanations on issues involving the police force, more particularly the recent arrest of National Democratic Front (NDF) leader Vic Ladlad.

Indeed, when Ladlad was first arrested, the PNP and Albayalde chorused vehemently that the reason why the NDF official was pounced upon by the police was his having been in possession of illegal firearms. It is this incident that is prompting the police to issue more statements, repeatedly reiterating its earlier version of the arrest.

Now, why are the PNP and Albayalde looking like they are truants or mischievous juveniles who must be pitied? It is because it is clear that the PNP is very much aware of its very low credibility among the people at this point. The PNP is clearly aware that many of our countrymen can no longer just accept its statements. This should prompt Albayalde to a more aggressive campaign to recover the people’s trust in the police force.


DOES THE BUREAU OF IMMIGRATION HAVE A LIST OF FOREIGNERS IN RP? Does the Bureau of Immigration (BI) have any list of foreigners who are in the Philippines at this point? The reason I ask is that, aside from disclosures coming out in social media that there are simply too many foreigners in the different parts of the country right now who are either working or are employed in one way or another, or are simply occupying condo units without being engaged in anything, they are really already very visible almost everywhere.

The BI must make a public disclosure of the true number of foreigners in the country because this has become a national security concern. If there are too many of them now in the Philippines but are not doing anything, they must be part of something cooking, either with the end in view of controlling businesses here just like what is happening now, or simply to occupy and take-over the country.

We must not forget the historical lesson shortly before the Philippines got embroiled in the Second World War. According to our grandparents and even our fathers and mothers, there was a sudden rush of Japanese citizens in the country before the war, who pretended they were selling wares or something in the countryside. It turned out that they were already making maps of roads and structures here, which they used in expediting their occupation of Filipinos then.


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