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Thursday, 15 November 2018 13:49



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “... `And the truth shall set you free’...” (Jesus, our God and Savior, in John 8:32, the Holy Bible)


CHEATING IN COMPUTERIZED VOTING STILL POSSIBLE IN 2019: Now that it is becoming increasingly clear that the Duterte government has no plans of stopping the use of computerized voting in 2019 and in the other elections that would still be held under the leadership of President Duterte, I am re-printing columns which I wrote in 2010 and 2011 tackling the cheating in elections with the use of computers.

Let us read them all over again, to remind us that cheating in the 2019 polls remains a possibility with the use of computers: “If only candidates running in the May 2010 elections listened to me as early as January 2010, they would have taken steps to prevent the computerized cheating many of them, especially those who lost, are complaining about now.

The fact is that the possibility that cheating is going to happen in the country's first ever computerized elections, using the very computers that were designed to stop cheating, was already written by me in this very same column.

As early as January 31, 2010, I already wrote that computerized `dagdag-bawas’ or vote shaving and adding, and other electoral frauds, are still very, very possible to happen in the May 2010 elections, according to a computer expert who visited me at my office at the start of the year.

The computer expert, who feared that computerized cheating may result in the easier installation of spurious officials who will only add to the continuing slide of the country towards certain destruction, asked me to sound the alarm, as it were, that cheating will happen simply because of the ease with which it could be done under the computerized system.


MY ARTICLE ON JANUARY 31, 2010: "COMPUTER EXPERT WARNS: POLL CHEATING STILL POSSIBLE: Yes, Engr. Jun Lozada, cheating and manipulation of the results of the May 2010 computerized elections can still possibly happen, but, no, it is not going to be in the source code of the computers, nor in the software or any other aspect of programming for the automated machines.”

"According to a computer expert who came to personally see me the other week, if ever anyone wanted to cheat and ensure victory in the May 2010 elections for any position (not just the presidency or the vice presidency), they will not tamper with the source code, nor with the software or any other aspect of computer programming, for those can be easily detected, verified, and thereafter corrected.”

"There is one other way to cheat, and it is apparently fool-proof: almost impossible to detect, can be smoothly carried out, and can result in a `dagdag-bawas' situation using computers and the other automated machines, the computer expert told me.”

"How can this cheating, resulting in a computerized `dagdag-bawas' situation, happen? Read how (or at least the explanation on the matter of the expert), in this same column, in our succeeding issues. Don't dare miss this exciting piece of information.”


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