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Friday, 16 November 2018 14:03

Looking In

By Rod Balbon

I didn’t know that an endorsement by Sarah Duterte of Celso Lobregat’s mayoralty bid would make Mayor Beng Salazar go bonkers. The series of press releases apparently done to water down and belittle the endorsement is clearly a hatchet job that sounds very illogical and getting to be ridiculous.

Mayor Beng says it looks like it’s the other way around—that Celso appears to be the one endorsing Sarah in the picture published the other day in a local paper. This is absolutely crazy. Why, who is Celso to endorse the candidacy of a mayoralty candidate of Davao City? And why will Celso have it published if Sarah did not really endorse his candidacy? Endorsement of a candidate’s political bid come in many forms and the usual manner by which it is expressed is by the raising of the candidate’s hand not his foot. If we follow and believe Mayor Beng’s contention, then Sarah Duterte is plainly stupid for raising Celso’s hand.

In yesterday’s hatchet job, they quoted Sarah Duterte’s HNP political spokesman to disclaim the endorsement. Accordingly, he cannot remember that Sarah Duterte endorsed Celso Lobregat. Another stupid statement. This guy is the Information Officer of Davao City but he never said that he was in the restaurant in Quezon City where the endorsement took place.

Undoubtedly, Mayor Beng has been greatly upset by such endorsement. Being the President’s daughter, Sarah Duterte possesses great political influence and power that can greatly propel the candidate she’s endorsing to political victory.

Mayor Beng must have realized now the huge error she has done in the past. During the last presidential election, she committed a big mistake by calling on all Zamboangueños not to vote for Rodrigo Duterte because he will just give the city to the MNLF. Up to now this call is never forgotten and it destroyed our bridge to Malacañang to request for funding to spur our city’s progress and development. While other cities are allotted large amounts for development such as for the expansion and modernization of their airports, we are merely given crumbs. My informant also revealed that Mayor Beng was not even accommodated and entertained by the president’s daughter when she and her group went to Davao City to affiliate with Sarah’s HNP and seek her endorsement. Sarah Duterte is not a brainless and stupid political leader and she knows very well what Mayor Beng did in maligning her father during the last presidential election.

Mayor Beng should now run on the basis of her accomplishments and much publicized pro-people and pro-poor projects that she would implement before election. The people know very well why these costly and anomalous projects, as described by Celso Lobregat, were only thought of and will be implemented before election. She should forget Sarah’s endorsement of Celso Lobregat and likewise forget her affiliation with her previous discredited and rotten Liberal Party.

The people of Zamboanga City are already fed up with the daily monstrous traffic jams, continuing blackouts, garbage and filthiness of the city, and the unsolved killings. These will make or break her.

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