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Sunday, 18 September 2011 15:17


The month of September every year is dedicated to all the teachers in the country in recognition of the vital role they play in providing education to students, children, youth and adults by moulding their minds to become useful and productive citizens.

Teachers are the unsung heroes, workhorses and backbone of the nation wherein the administration rely during election, census, information dissemination in cases of crisis and epidemic, disaster and the like.  Also the administration have to rely on their services to attain the goals of the government.  And finally, they are the nation builders because of mass education, guiding the citizens towards progress and economic stability, through self-reliance.

Teaching is a noble profession associated with progress towards good life particularly in underdeveloped and developing countries of the world.  Every country’s goal is to raise the standard of living and this is done through mass education of the citizens to make them productive in order to increase the growth of the economy to the limit.

In some cases, even though teachers are overworked and underpaid, still they continue to serve because of their dedication and commitment to the profession knowing that their efforts will pay dirt at the end.

Their services are not limited to the four corners of the classrooms but also outside the school, where they are always expected to be a role model of the community as peaceful, law-abiding, useful and productive member of the community ready to extend help to the needy.

Teaching is a thankless job because they have to keep abreast with the change as to new teaching techniques, uses of new technology, gadgets, and new equipment for school work of classroom instructions.

It is an accepted fact that education is the answer against widespread poverty in the country because we are categorized as a developing country many decades ago and until now we never advance.

In advanced countries, most nationals are educated not necessarily in academics but coping with life through experience.  Li’ke in America not all Americans are college graduates and yet they do not experience abject poverty as some parts of the Philippines, mostly in remote areas. Of course not everyone have to be a graduate of doctorate degree, otherwise there will be an imbalance of graduates and positions.

Let us think negative just this once.  Supposing there are no teachers, and so what will haupen? Of course there will be no students, no school buildings, no classrooms and no problem with DepEd, right?  Then, we will become a nation of ignorants and the country will be relegated to the lowest position as underdeveloped countrym a country nobody wants.

Now, we are exporting professionals even to the developed countries of the world.  Professionals like doctors, nurses, engineers, skilled technical workers, teachers, etc., all graduates of our schools under the tutelage of teachers and instructors, who in turn are remitting dollars in the country to make our economy stable.                      

Teachers are not only giving instructions in the classroom, but also,as second parents to students while in school. They also serve as advisers, guidance counsellor, confessor, protector, caregiver, disciplinarians or even providing financial aids to the needy s’tudents, if necessary. They somtimes spend their own money in some projects of the school and even visitors they have to entertain.

I can go on and on because their job is endless, but I have to cut short my article because I am leaving for Manila.
I forgot to mention that my late father, mother and a sister were former teacher in the nubile schools and so with another sister who is alive. I had my short stint teaching, but a cataract cut short my practice.