SQUARE POINT: The land of ghosts PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 18 September 2011 15:18

BY Jack Edward Enriquez

According to Chinese tradition, July and August are months of ghosts. During this time, the gate of hell is opened and all the ghosts are set free to have a get together with the living.

Because of this, the Chinese ancestors refrained from undertaking important events in life in the months of July and  August such as wedding and opening of new business.

Here in the Philippines, we have ghosts throughout the year, from January to December, not only November during All Souls Day.

We used to listen to ghost stories that happened in any month of the year, even in December. And there are so many kinds of ghosts.

We have ghost projects and ghost laborers like that in Davao del Sur, roads in Sulu but photos in the report taken here in this city, ghost military officers for nobody admitted involvement in the “pabaon” and “pasalubong” scandal and the conversion of funds, ghost police officers for nobody admitted buying used choppers from PG, ghost voters and election officers, ghost killers, ghost drug users and pushers and so many other ghosts.

Here in this city, we have some ghosts in the SP for we don’t know who are responsible for the defective SP building.  It was built at about 60 million pesos and now they’re spending 20 million for the rehabilitation. Also there are ghosts in Divisoria for until now the IBT cannot be constructed yet. In our municipal waters, we have ghosts, too. Enormous amount of black corals and marine products are lost but we don’t know how it really happened. Same is true with our forests. Despite the tree planting activities that started many years back, but still the  area remains denuded and deplorable. We do have ghosts involved in illegal quarrying. too. In illegal recruitment and human trafficking, there are ghosts. Likewise, summary execution or salvaging is also perpetrated by some ghosts. Just name it, you’ll have it. As if, we are the land of ghosts.

We can’t blame the imagination of our friends in media that there might arise sort of zombies in our midst. That’s impossible, but that would be horrible.
Anyway, the ghost issue we’re talking about here is all because of politics and greed, deception and lies. That’s all!

From our point of view— hopefully that our public officials would be able to find the straight and decent trail to tread on for a progressive tomorrow.