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Monday, 19 September 2011 14:57


Sometimes statements are so ambiguous to the point that you are “right in the wrong way” or “wrong in the right way” or simply in “unequivocal” terms.
Analysis of the following statement of facts can lead you to a very profound and sound judgment, don’t you think so?

1. Ms. Paris Hilton — the “most beautiful storm” that ever hit the country and thanks to Congressman Pacquiao
2. Juan Manuel Marquez — a boxer who never learn after 24 rounds and 4 knockdowns
3. Teachers’ Month — a tribute to the unsung heroes and nation builders
4.. Grandparent’s Day — a fitting tribute to senior citizens otherwise there will be no children today
5. 9/11 Terror Attack — a grim reminder of vast destruction and mass killing
6. Peace and Order — peace cannot be ordered, only propagated
7. Crocodile “Lolong”  — the longest story ever told for Gulness
8. Continuous Oil Price Hike — turn to alternative energy
9. Lack of classrooms — better to rent than construct, cheaper
10. Double Standard of Morality — a standard should only be one
11. Legal but morally wrong — why not both be right
12. Being poor is temporary — you can always try to get rich
13. Instant Justice in an hour —  only in TV Face to Face and Public Atorni “Asunto o Caso”
14. Miscarriage of Justice — Justice delayed justice          denied
15. Three sides to a question  — yours, his and the right side
16. In the business of argument —  one cannot win by just raising his voice
17. No room for improvement — persons who do not want to accept suggestions
18. Key to success — right thinking and stay focus in your goal
19.  Live-in partners — next step is separation or abandonment
20. Street children — product of irresponsible parenthood
21. Duties and responsibilities — responsibilities cannot be delegated only shared
22. Asking questions — first step to understanding
23. Keeping busy — no time for worry
24. How to make a living — earn it
25. Widespread “poverty” — education is the answer to the problem

Note: Some of the topics will be explained in details in my nextwrite ups.