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Thursday, 22 September 2011 15:47


If we had the choice for enrollment, public school will be our least preference. We like our children to carry the prestige of a student of an exclusive school.
Going to public school can imply that you don’t have money for tuition and you don’t belong to the elite class. This is partly true for the student but not for the school.

Public school is more than just the populous campus ground and the ambiance of the common and ordinary. There is more than meets the eye.
Being a teacher for 20 years in public school with a capacity of 5,000 students already and at the same time a mother of students in the three levels of education, I know and appreciate the priceless treasures it offers.
The facility of enrollment.

The routine is simple. Just have your child’s name listed and submit the form-138 (card) and presto! your child is enrolled without digging into your wallet. The government strictly orders a “No Collection” policy. You conserve your time, money, energy and your heart.
The pool of well trained teachers.

The government generously invests millions of pesos on instructional improvement and teaching enhancement on teachers every year and makes available to them the most current trend in education and best practices in instruction. The most recent grand training is UBD (Understanding by Design). The system is now implemented by the first and second year teachers who were given a first-rate training for two years now. Next year the third year teachers will undergo the same system and until all levels have received it.

The influx of quality teachers
Discriminating Civil Service Commission standard filters into the educational department cream applicants who are attracted by standard salary, security of tenure, protection from unjust labor practice and the prospect of a good retirement benefits in their declining age.

Social adjustment through association
Not all students in a public school are poor. Different classes of students, from different environments, regions, religions conglomerate into the public school. And this is a natural training ground to develop a well rounded student. His character is molded through the rubbing of elbows with one another and can renew the old acquaintance in the future.

Acquire creativity and resourcefulness
Creativity and resourcefulness spring out from poverty. The “haves” buy their projects and the “don’t haves” make their project. Nevertheless the rich can learn resourcefulness by watching their poor classmates stretch their imagination.

Greater honor
There is greater honor and prestige in excelling among many students than among fewer students. And this is what public schools effortlessly offer. To those who do not excel more humility and lesser pride.

Basking in honor
With the number of students yearly passing its portal, at least one if not many, will stand out which will give honor to the school. And every student in it will share in the glory.

Example in history
King David came from the most populous tribe of Israel. There is greater choice in great number than in less number. There are certainly great things that money cannot buy and these are just some treasures that are free and available to all in public schools.