1st-Apluma! Marriage Encounter: A must for couples PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 26 September 2011 14:50

BY Ismael Amigo

It has already been a couple of weeks before we filed our last piece in this corner.
Mea culpa. And as such apologies is on the line. The reason is, yours truly has been so preoccupied lately with preparations for our weekend seminar in our Marriage Encounter community, particularly, Immanuel Series Tuklasan Sector.

This entailed fund-raising and everything.
The M.E. is an apostolate for married Catholic couples where I and my better half Esperanza serve as Head Servants.
As I write this piece, our series was in the middle of things preparing for our very first reunion of new graduates in Class 38 at the Technological University of the Philippines in Taguig City yesterday.

Expected to attend were the eight newly-minted encountered couples and of course, the elders of our series.

Former Tuklasan president couples Bro. John and Nitz Calamiong volunteered to preside over the proceedings of the first reunion, which normally takes longer than the rest of other reunions as it involves introduction of elders, couple by couple for familiarization purposes for the benefit of the new grads.

Without getting into the nitty-gritty of the M.E., this works almost similar to that of the Couples for Christ but some people say there is something with M.E. that cannot be found nor experienced at CFC although they do have similar reasons for being.

Both have similar focus and introducing our God Almighty, our Creator Jesus Christ, the supreme symbol of divine love for married couples.

A good clue for the uninitiated is this: Once you attended a weekend seminar for M.E., everything will not be the same again.
Couples have to put somebody in, at the center of their married life: God.

Another clue is: the M.E. is non-reformative. Meaning, there are no guarantees. No guarantee that an alcoholic husband or wife will be reformed overnight.
God bless.