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Tuesday, 27 September 2011 14:55


Last Wednesday, I got a death threat through my cell phone. It really shocked me, but I know who the perpetrator is.

Every time I employ helpers in our home, I always tell the applicants not to leave us without warning so that we can look for their replacement, and much better still, if they give us their own replacement, and they’ll be given their salary. They usually agree with this agreement, I don’t know why they always break it, maybe it is because it is only done verbally. I am actually desperate for help, so sometimes, I don’t require police and barangay clearance, especially from our gardener.

I am 100 percent sure the death threat I got is from the last gardener who worked for three weeks only and left without giving us a chance to get for his replacement. But prior to his leaving our employment, our former gardener came back. I asked this gardener if he wants to leave, because our former gardener was back. He said no as he was staying. So I told my former gardener to just look for another employment. My family was going to celebrate my birthday last 7th of this month, but would you imagine this gardener said he was asking permission to leave a day before the birthday celebration. Of course, I was so mad. I said if he can’t find a replacement, he will not get his salary, because he was leaving us hanging, and I asked him if he wanted to leave earlier, and his answer was no. If you were in my place, wouldn’t you do the same thing?

I called up the police Station and requested for an investigator. P/Investigator Selma came. I showed him the text messages and he said that most likely the guy has nothing to do and is just joking. His advice to me was just to be careful. The last text message to me by the suspect said that if it does not happen now, it will happen later. His name was entered in the Police blotter and I hope P/Investigator Selma will be able to locate where he is.

I think my helpers aren’t underpaid. They get a salary ranging from 3k, 2k, and 1.5, depending on what task or work they are assigned with. The gardener is paid P1,500, with free board and lodging, but get extra pay if they do extra work aside from sweeping, and watering the plants, and cleaning the car. Sad to say, they usually can’t do their work everyday. When they leave our employment, you will discover some of your things are missing, and how frustrating to find out some of my plants are wilting or dead.

I hope to call the attention of DOLE, hoping they will be able to come out with some rules and regulations for both the employers and house helpers to follow. I know you can come up with it and publish it, so that unexpected circumstances can be avoided like what I am experiencing right now. Thank you.